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Anti-Obesity Drug Might Block Fat Absorption

Anti-Obesity Drug fat blockerTired of obesity? Fed up with dietary weight loss plans? Had enough of exercising already? Then let me give you some hope. There might be more for you to look forward to instead of extensive dietary plans and hectic weight loss exercises. Anti-obesity drugs have been over and underrated for the useful purpose they can serve. You don’t need to believe everything you hear or read about anti-obesity drugs. You deserve to know the truth and this is what we bring to you in our article.

All anti-obesity drugs are pharmacological solutions for reducing or controlling your weight. (more…)

GC-1 Transforms Bad Fat to Good Fat

Good Fat and bad fatAs many people already know, there are two main types of fat that can be found in the human body – good fat and bad fat. Modern science has shown us how consuming enough good fat each day is essential to proper health, but some folks are still having trouble eliminating the bad fats from their diets. Indeed, this is a difficult task because today’s food industry is replete with unhealthy and highly processed foods that are dense in bad fats. Luckily, researchers have developed a new drug (known as CG-1) which can actually transform fats into their most optimal form. (more…)