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2019 Workout Trends You’re Not Likely to Continue Long-Term

2019 Workout Trends Unlikely to Last

Ready to have a look at which 2019 have managed to take off? Keep in mind that it’s one thing to find something that has become popular. It’s another to find something that will be successful for you and that you’ll be likely to keep doing over the long term. After all, it’s all well and good to see results over the short term, but if you can’t keep them up, you’ll only slide backward once again.

Therefore, as you find the 2019 workout trends that will work for you, be aware of the following that are proving to be unlikely to be kept up over time. Lots of people are enjoying giving them a try, but few are sticking around to keep them going over time.

Fitness Technology from 2019 Workout Trends

Fitness technology has been hit and miss in recent years. In 2019 workout trends, it does appear to be getting better, but it’s still not quite there yet. Many people have tried different versions of fitness trackers. As the technology has improved and companion apps have offered more features and customizations, a growing number of people have stuck to their tracking.

However, as beloved as these gadgets are, they are still more likely to be stuffed into a drawer after a certain amount of time, than they are to be worn and used year after year. Fitness tracking can be one of the most powerful 2019 workout trends, it is only such among people who choose to use it as a part of a long-term lifestyle and not necessarily for short term results.

People who use the tech to guide their daily activities to ensure they remain on track on the whole are far more likely to keep it up over time than people who give too much weight to each individual day’s results. These devices are, all too often, viewed through the wrong perspective.

Protein Shakes, Bars and Other Supplements Among 2019 Workout Trends

Many people struggle to be able to fit enough protein into their diets when they are trying to lose weight and as they try to build or tone muscle. Protein supplements such as shakes and bars are therefore even hotter among 2019 workout trends than they have been in previous years. However, recent studies are showing that personal trainers recommending these products may not have been on the right track after all.

Though 2019 workout trends relating to the use of protein shakes and bars seem to make sense, several recent studies have shown that the body simply does not obtain benefits from these products as it would if you consumed protein through whole foods. The vast majority of the protein shakes and bars on the market don’t provide the quality of protein people believe they are receiving, though they do load the body with many other empty calories and unbeneficial ingredients. In fact, some of the most recent studies have shown that people who use protein shakes to help them lose weight are actually more likely to gain.