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How to Like Healthy Food

How to Like Healthy Food

If you feel that you just don’t like healthy food, what can you do to achieve better weight management while keeping up proper nutrition at the same time? Are you stuck? Do you either have to choke down meals you hate or give up altogether? Not at all!


Why Fast Weight Loss Isn’t Your Healthy Goal

Fast Weight Loss is Not the Goal

Being on a diet isn’t fun, so fast weight loss always seems as though it should be the natural goal. After all, the more quickly it can be done and over with, the sooner we can get on with our regular lives, right? Unfortunately, while it may seem that we should just be able to focus on dropping the pounds as rapidly as possible, that aim will usually only work against us.


How to Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss Success

Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss Success

When you’ve decided that it’s time to lose extra pounds, long-term weigh loss success depends on choosing the right strategy.  Many expensive programs and products would have you believe that they have the “magic” solution that has evaded humankind for thousands of years.  As it turns out, there is no single potion or trick to reaching this goal. It is a matter of having the right approach for changing your lifestyle gradually and in a way, you’ll be able to stick to over time.


Add These Herbs to Your Meals to Support Your Weight Loss

Support Your Weight Loss Herbs Oregano

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use something to support your weight loss and make your food and drinks taste better, too? See where this is going? Of course, you do. You read the title. There are lots of herbs that don’t just taste delicious but that can also help to give your weight control efforts an added advantage.

That said, there are some herbs that are truly top performers to support your weight loss when compared to others. Consider the following herbs the next time you write your grocery list.

Support Your Weight Loss with These Herbs

1.    Ginseng

Ginseng is a top herb to support your weight loss. It has been popular in certain traditional medicines in specific parts of the world for centuries. However, over recent years this herb has become considerably more popular. It has become commonplace to drink ginseng tea for a range of benefits, such as helping with weight loss through mild appetite suppressing effects.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that an herb on its own won’t be enough to lead to pounds lost on the bathroom scale. Instead, use this to support your weight loss by using this ingredient to help you as you control your calorie intake and exercise regularly. Of course, if ginseng isn’t your cup of tea, considering using fresh or dried ginseng root as an ingredient in your soup.

2.    Peppermint

Peppermint may be commonly associated with gum or toothpaste flavors, but the fresh herb is great to support your weight loss. Like with ginseng, peppermint doesn’t help with weight control directly as much as by providing extra help to the efforts you’re already making.

Drinking peppermint as a tea, you can settle an upset stomach, control your appetite and beat unwanted food cravings. This ingredient can have a fast and powerful effect. It is highly refreshing which can make it feel easier to face your workouts and be prepared for the active side of your weight management strategy.

3.    Oregano

Oregano is practically synonymous with Italian food. It’s in spaghetti sauce and pizza, but fresh oregano is also a top herb to support your weight loss. It boosts the flavor of your food but also acts as an appetite suppressant and mild diuretic. It also contains carvacrol, a naturally occurring active substance that may help the body to burn visceral fat. Naturally the effect is not powerful enough to simply eat oregano and see results on the scale, but every little bit counts in boosting the impact of the efforts you’re already making.

4.    Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an easy favorite for people who like spicy foods, and when you want to support your weight loss at the same time. This spice is well known for helping you to get a faster metabolism, and can bring a dish to life at the same time.  Many also feel that it contains natural appetite suppressing qualities, which certainly help when you’re trying to control your portion sizes!

5.    Cinnamon

Many of us think of cinnamon in quite the limited way, and its uses are often associated with sugar. That said, there are many ways to use cinnamon in savory dishes, too.  These are perfect ways to support your weight loss.  That said, if you do have a sweet tooth, simply baking an apple and sprinkling it with cinnamon is a fantastic way to enjoy a delicious dessert made with only healthy ingredients.  Plus, there’s the added bonus of making your home smell amazing!

Support Your Weight Loss with the Right Mindset

As you can see simply by the way herbs can support your weight loss, dropping pounds isn’t just a matter of restrictive dieting.  It has a lot to do with the mindset you have toward your long-term lifestyle.  By making some minor changes in strategic ways, you can make a substantial difference to your efforts. 

Instead of overhauling everything you eat, swapping out salt for the right herbs can boost flavor, satisfaction, and metabolic rate.  That said, it’s not just a matter of using the right herbs and spices.  You can do a lot more for yourself to support your weight loss.  This can include:

1.    Using the Right Tools

No matter what goal you’re trying to reach, having the right tools to do the job right is always a good idea.  When your goal is to support your weight loss, remember to have the following on your side:

  • A doctor or other health care practitioner’s advice
  • An accurate bathroom scale to track your progress
  • A fitness tracker, app, or other tech to help you measure overall targets such as heart rate, steps, flights of stairs, distance walked per day, etc.
  • Exercise equipment (whether at home, at the gym, or even just shoes to go for a great daily walk)
  • A buddy to help keep you accountable

2.    Be a Part of a Team

One of the best ways to support your weight loss is to support yourself.  This means having other people on your side. It may mean a walking buddy to help motivate you to get out the door every day.  It could also mean checking in with a friend about every meal and snack you eat so you can inspire each other to eat right while you hold back the inclination to overeat or select junk foods because you know you’ll have to confess it!

3.    Get Online to Support Your Weight Loss

Online weight loss support forums are fantastic ways to boost that social help, even if you don’t know the people in real life.  Great websites will also offer additional resources such as informational articles, weight converters, BMI calculators, and other handy tools.

Why Long-Term Weight Management is Better Than Any Diet

Long-Term Weight Management Better Than a Diet

Long-term weight management has been seeing a lot of time in the headlines and spotlight over the last while.  Just as dieting used to be praised as your best health strategy, experts are now looking further into the future.  It isn’t that dieting is necessarily wrong as a part of your health and weight control strategy.  The key is in how you do it, and how long it will help you to maintain that control.


Effective Weight Loss is 80 Percent Diet

Weight Loss is 80 Percent Diet

When it comes to achieving effective weight loss, 80 percent of your efforts will be from your diet.  The remaining 20 percent will be attributed to various lifestyle changes that you make including your physical activity level, the amount of sleep you get on an average night, and even your stress control. As much as we may not want to change the way we eat, it is by far the most important and influential factor helping to determine whether or not you will burn unwanted body fat.


What Goes into Your Best 3 Month Weight Loss Plan?

How to Make a 3 Month Weight Loss Plan

A 3 month weight loss plan can be a daunting thing to create.  At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much.  However, once you sit down to actually work it out, the details and intricacies of it can start to become much more obvious. 

Yes, You Can Create a 3 Month Weight Loss Plan

Despite how daunting it may seem at the start, you can create an amazing 3 month weight loss plan.  It will help you to build a better understanding of how to control certain factors relating to your health, while it sets you up to maintain positive lifestyle habits over the long term. In the meantime, you’ll be giving your body the opportunity to get fitter and burn excess fat that isn’t doing yourself any favors.

To get started, your best move is to get informed.  If you aren’t experienced in this area, then you may want to have a talk with your doctor. This may sound like a nuisance, but whether you choose to talk in person or over a telehealth or telephone discussion, it will provide you with some very handy information, strategies and tips that can help to boost your success.  Moreover, by using this information, you’ll help to ensure that any weight you lose over the 90 days of your plan will stay gone.

Thinking Long-Term

You can do a lot in 90 days.  When you have a great 3 month weight loss plan, you can see some spectacular progress and build solid habits to increase metabolism.  That second factor is just as important as the first one. After all, your goal is to learn to control your body weight. The last thing you want is to have to repeat the effort again and again.  Yo-yoing weight isn’t just bad for your health – in some cases, more dangerous than losing nothing at all – but it is exceptionally frustrating and tough on your self-image. 

When you watch the pounds climb back on each time you work hard to get rid of them, it can make it very challenging to want to make the effort to go through it all again. It can also make it more likely that you’ll turn to extreme diets in the hopes of dropping the pounds more quickly, which only ever backfires in the end.

Remember that this is only the beginning.  Indeed, a fantastic 3 month weight loss plan can help you to lose a surprising number of pounds.  However, it is a jumping off place for keeping your body in a healthier place for the rest of your life. That can be your main purpose for the 90 day effort.

Can Men Get Rid of a Beer Belly?

how to get rid of beer belly

So, can men get rid of a beer belly? This is a common question asked by men and by women who are frankly a little tired of seeing the bellies on their men. It is not only unsightly but also very unhealthy. There is a link between heart disease and fat around the belly.


How to Achieve Better Weight Loss Despite Learning Disorders

Better Weight Loss for Learning Disorders

The results of a recent study have shown that people with learning disabilities face barriers to wellness lifestyles but can achieve better weight loss by using the right techniques. The research was conducted by a team at the University of Sheffield. They worked in partnership with Slimming World, a weight loss company in the United Kingdom.

The research determined that when you have a learning disorder, there are many additional challenges that you can face to managing a healthy weight. Moreover, even when a learning disability is within the mild to moderate range, the individual has a greater obesity risk than the general population. The same goes for having poorer overall health. Therefore, the researchers investigated ways to achieve better weight loss among this higher risk group.

How to Achieve Better Weight Loss

This study received its funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC). Is findings included a number of unexpected barriers that can stand in the way of health and weight management among people with learning disabilities. As a result, their strategies to achieve better weight loss would need to cater to those unique struggles.

Among those challenges included anxieties about going to a new place. These will frequently stop people who have learning disorders from going out and attending groups – such as weight loss programs and support groups – in person. Without that added support, they’re missing out on a highly effective tool to assist them in improving their overall health and keeping their weight under control.

After all, achieving better weight loss is hard for the vast majority of people. When your resources and tools become more limited due to additional challenges, this can only make it tougher to reach a goal.

Study Findings

Throughout the length of the two-year project, the researchers worked with Slimming World to create an adapted version of the company’s traditional plan. This was meant to provide individuals with more customized support for their unique needs. They found that there were certain areas where changes could be made across the adapted program for better weight loss among people with learning disorders. These changes included:

  • Easy-read style materials
  • Simplified information
  • Additional support and training from qualified weight management consultants
  • Creating additional complementary information to provide support workers and family caregivers that describe the strategy and underscore the importance of their involvement.

Slimming World tested the adapted program for considerable success in a limited feasibility study.

The Harmful Effects of Nearly Every Diet Challenge

Diet Challenge Dangers

Unless you’ve been going through a digital detox for the last decade, then you’ve likely seen dozens upon dozens of diet challenge posts online and especially on your social media. Everyone from celebrities to your friends and family are trying these temporary strategies meant to get fast results, jumpstart a healthier lifestyle or otherwise benefit your health or weight loss.

That said, as much as a diet challenge often seems like a great idea, they’re not without their downsides. In fact, many of them can actually be harmful as opposed to being helpful.

What Should You Do Before Choosing a Diet Challenge?

Just because some types of diet challenge can be risky, it doesn’t mean they should all be avoided. The key is to be very cautious and talk to a health care provider before doing anything that involves a significant change from your current lifestyle.

For instance, if you plan to significantly cut carbs, cut out all sugar, substantially reduce fat intake, go meatless, or even amp up your workouts while you change what you eat, these can all create notable changes in your body. For some people, these changes may be safe. Make sure you’re in that group of people before you make the changes. Unless you’re a nutrition expert, you may not even realize how much impact certain simple and healthy-sounding changes can have.

A Major Downside of a Diet Challenge You Haven’t Considered

The very nature of a diet challenge is to do something over the short term. Unfortunately, most research shows that anything that doesn’t have the long-term in mind comes with risks of harm. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will place your life in danger, but the harm can still be very frustrating.

For instance, if you take on a diet challenge that greatly reduces your caloric intake or that changes your usual macronutrient balance, you may see impressive results while you’re doing it. However, after the 10 days or 30 days of your challenge, returning to a regular healthy lifestyle can cause your weight to balloon back on again.

Sending your body these types of mixed messages can work against your ability to lose weight or maintain your weight loss. When you shift the way your body burns fat, how much energy you provide it through food, or the nature of the food you’re eating, your metabolism changes in order to respond to it. Over the short term, that can mean great news. However, afterward you may end up seeing not only the weight you lost, but some additional pounds as well.

Be extremely selective about the diet challenge you take on and inform yourself before you begin.