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10 Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Good for Heart Health

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Fruits and veggies are a delicious and essential part of our everyday diets. They help us to stay healthy on the inside and look great on the outside. They can be added to nearly any recipe and, if eaten responsibly, can help us to lose weight as well. As though that were not enough, it turns out that fruits and vegetable are good for heart health, too.


5 Reasons to Limit Salt Intake

Why Limit Salt IntakeThere are a lot of people who need to work to limit their salt intake. They might be used to eating a lot of unhealthy food that is now catching up to them. If you are looking for some more reasons to limit salt intake, here are some so that you can improve your health.

Lower blood pressure
The first reason that people will try to limit their salt intake is to lower their blood pressure. Outside of stress, many people will have this higher blood pressure because they are taking in more salt than the body needs. You might find that eating some healthier foods will get the blood pressure to go down. (more…)

Irregular Heart Rhythms Caused by High Endurance Workouts

high endurance workouts and heart healthWe always hear that we should be pushing ourselves to get results, but high endurance workouts may not be right for everyone. The truth is that these are all about intensity, but almost at the highest and, sometimes, most damaging levels. Though they can offer some excellent health benefits, if you are prone to health problems then they may be off limits. The key is to get the most out of your workouts but to truly listen to, and remain in line with, what your body is telling you. If you can focus on the right type of workouts, then you will get results, and that’s what really matters here. It’s not only about working out hard but also about working out smart. (more…)