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Running vs Cycling: Which is the Best Cardio Workout?

Running or Cycling the Best Cardio WorkoutDiscovering the best cardio workout can be important, regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit, or keep up great health. Among the top forms of exercise, running and cycling are often debated as the winner. That said, which one is actually deserving of the top spot?

If you had to choose only running or only cycling, which one should it be? Should you be training to run your first marathon or preparing for your next cycling race? Consider the following as you decide which one is the best cardio workout for you.


New Device for Running Shoes Could Prevent Injuries

New Device for Running ShoesIf you are a runner, then this brand new device for running shoes can come as great news to you. Though running is a popular and helpful way of losing weight and getting fit, it can also pose a significant risk for injuries. It can be a wonderful way to exercise, but it can also be very hard on the body. That means you want to be attuned to your body and working to avoid the most common sources of injuries. This may sound easier said than done, as injuries often happen without any warning and leave the runner in a bad situation. Therefore, if this new device is proven to be effective, it could help runners everywhere. (more…)

The Best Running Shoes for Protecting Your Joints

Protecting Your Joints with shoesThere are about as many types of running shoes on the market as there are stars in the sky, and some seem to be better than others, especially when it comes to protecting your joints on those long jogs that you love so much. With so many choices, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to find something that truly works for your unique body. Although no shoe is 100 percent perfect for everyone, there are a few different running shoes that seem to be better than the others in general. (more…)