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Can You Learn from Your Sims 4 Weight Loss Efforts and Success?

Sims 4 Weight Loss Lessons

Nobody would recommend that you look to Sims 4 weight loss and gain patterns to learn about how to be healthy and fit in your own life.  This video game may be popular and a lot of fun, but it’s hardly a direct reflection of the reality of living a healthy lifestyle. That said, in this particular version of the game, the bodyweight patterns of the characters can be a reminder of certain tips many of us could learn in real life.

What’s the Deal with the Need for Sims 4 Weight Loss?

Previous incarnations of the game have always had a fitness component.  If your Sim doesn’t exercise enough his or her fitness level will drop.  However, the Sims 4 weight loss and gain patterns added a whole new component to the mix: food. 

This is interesting because body shape, size and fitness used to be based exclusively on exercising.  The amount the character ate wouldn’t have an impact, provided he or she didn’t starve (which certainly had an impact).

Sims 4 weight loss does, in fact, bring in a new more reality-based component in that the food the characters eat contain calories.  Since research has shown that consumed food calories have the largest impact on bodyweight, players can receive an important real-life reminder from the game.  That reminder is that if you want to control your weight, what you eat plays a far bigger role than your workouts.  Exercising does remain very important to health, but calories are the top deciding factor.

Neither You nor Your Sim Should Regularly Overeat

Foods in this version of the game contain calories.  Therefore, if all your Sim does is eat cake, the pounds will be packed on accordingly.  To be able to reduce that, smarter eating and regular exercise are necessary.  This will help the characters that grow larger to shrink down again over time.

That said, both factors – eating and exercising – will be required, just like in real life.  This takes the full focus for body health off exercise alone in the game. 

All the dishes in this game contain calories.  If you’re looking for Sims 4 weight loss in one of your characters, you’ll need to encourage him or her to choose the right option from among the dishes available. A salad contains around 50 calories, whereas more gourmet options such as the lobster thermidor is closer to 500 to 800. That said, the system is not entirely reality-based, so take care. While too many calories will cause weight gain and prevent weight loss, it is exercise that ultimately causes the weight loss to occur once calories are under control.  This makes it a simpler concept to play in a game, but just isn’t how it works in real life.  So, while you can learn a bit from Sims 4 weight loss, don’t forget that it’s still just a simulation and isn’t a health lesson for you.