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Family Criticism Could Cause Weight Gain

Family Criticism Could Cause Weight GainWell-meaning parents and family members tend to get critical of us when they spot a quality within us that needs improvement. To them, this is the best approach for getting us to change these habits. They nag at us until we can no longer take it and as a result decide to do something about it. However, criticizing can quickly become unproductive. According to research, people who live in a criticizing and under-appreciative environment find it difficult to lose weight. In fact, not only does it make losing weight difficult but criticism could cause weight gain as well. (more…)

Post-Holiday Tips: Easy Ways to Hide Holiday Weight

How to Hide Holiday Weight Post-holiday weight gain makes everyone want to hide under the blankets or, worse, under large baggy clothes so that no one can notice a difference and comment on it. However, if you dress smartly using these simple ways to hide holiday weight, you will be able to fool people into thinking you have been able to evade the holiday gain:

For Ladies

Women are at an advantage as they can play up their hair and appearance using cosmetics, making them look smaller without anyone noticing. Here are several easy ways to hide holiday weight for women (more…)

Small Amount of Weight Gain May Increase Blood Pressure in Adults

Blood Pressure in AdultsAs children we can pretty much eat whatever we want, never exercise if that’s what seems to be the cool thing to do, yet still look and feel pretty darn good. Too bad that’s not the case when we become adults. Trying to stay fit as your metabolism takes a nosedive is not always easy, but it is possible. The first step is to educate yourself on the best lifestyle habits and dietary plans. Many people don’t know that even a small amount of weight gain may actually increase blood pressure in adults. Say goodbye to those harmless, youthful weight fluctuations of the past. (more…)

Is Your Relationship Causing Weight Gain?

Relationship Causing Weight GainWe tend to ignore our overall lifestyle in this respect, but is it possible that your relationship causing weight gain? This might sound too overwhelming an issue to confront within the context of a weight loss program, but it’s essential to understand the impact of your relationships on your health. If you are in a relationship that is filled with stress or that causes you to seek comfort in food, then it’s hurting you in more ways than one. Take the time to evaluate this issue honestly and ensure that you know how all aspects of your lifestyle are affecting your ability to lose weight. (more…)