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How to Keep Your Energy Up to Exercise Every Day

keep your energy up for exercise

Keeping up your energy when dieting and exercising may seem like a daunting task, but it can definitely be done if you maintain a smart and deliberate approach. Energy is something that so few of us feel we have on a daily basis, and this lack of energy can really hurt us.


Firm Flabby Arms With These Exercises

firm flabby arms with exercise

It’s a very common problem area and that’s precisely why the desire to firm flabby arms is valid. For a lot of people, particularly women, the arms are a common area for excess fat to accumulate.

This may be due to weight gain at a certain point in time or it may just be family history or genetics at work. Whatever the reason for the excess weight, it’s so important to try to get rid of this area of fat quickly and efficiently. So if you find yourself in the position of wanting to lose that arm flab, here are some excellent ways to do so.

How to Create a Workout to Firm Flabby Arms

You want a good well rounded workout that includes cardio and strength training at the core. This will help you to burn fat and also to add muscle tone, both of which are very important. So start by what it takes to focus on the idea of how to firm flabby arms to get to the heart of the issue. Start with some simple but highly effective exercises that work various parts of the arm.

A push up is one example of this and a row is another. This goes to work on various areas of the arm and can get to the heart of the flab. You want to be sure to perform pushups regularly as it will work shoulders, biceps, triceps, and even chest. You also want to do rows as it will get the entire arm and even back in on the act.

Get To The Heart Of The Issue and Blast That Fat

The most common specific area for the flab to be located is the tricep. This is not an easy area to get rid of the fat from, but it can be done. Here you want to be sure that you focus on what it takes to firm flabby arms the most efficiently.

A good regimen focused around this area includes tricep kickbacks, tricep dips, and tricep pushups. You are performing each of these exercises with the tricep doing the most work, and that’s where you get the real value. Be sure that you isolate the tricep area in each of these three effective exercises that will blast the fat away.

As you work to firm flabby arms be sure that you do a good all over workout with a strong focus on the arms. You will love using weights and moving through simple but effective exercises ranging from bicep curls, hammer curls, shoulder press, overhead press, and a combination that involves all of the above. You do want to target the problem area specifically but be sure to work the entire arm to even it all out. This is how you blast away that fat once and for all!

Sample Workout to Firm Flabby Arms

While there is no single workout that would be best for your efforts to firm flabby arms, here is a combination that you might find helpful if you incorporate it into your week a couple of times.  Just remember that it’s better not to press yourself too hard and risk injury, even if you’re not getting your maximum progress.  An injury will only hold you back, so it’s better to keep just below where you think you would max out. Equally, be sure to include at least one recovery day between workouts to firm flabby arms.

  • Shoulder press – With a dumbbell in each hand while standing with your feet shoulder width apart, bring your arms up to shoulder level with your hands straight up in the air. Push upward until your arms are straight above your head, then lower back down again. The slower you move, the greater the challenge.
  • Plank get-ups – If anything, you should definitely be doing planks. If you’re already into the planking world, here’s how you ramp it up to firm flabby arms even more.  This helps to build lean muscle in all the right places in your arm. Begin in a modified side plank position with your knees bent, one over the other. Hold a small dumbbell or kettle bell in your right hand, resting your bent right elbow so your weight is actually resting on your forearm.  Lift your hips to bring your body in a straight position from your knees straight through your shoulders.  Reach the weight to the ceiling and then lower it back down again.  Do the same on the other side after a few reps.
  • Overhead tricep extensions – This is a straightforward exercise for anyone looking to tone or build arm muscle. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and extend both arms above your head. Carefully bend your arms at the elbow, lowering your weights slightly behind your head.  Return to the original position.  Do this slowly and carefully so you don’t clock yourself with the weights.

It’s Fall Ya’ll: 3 Ways to Bring Your Workouts Outdoors

take your fall workouts outdoors

Fall is here and as the ultra-hot weather is fading away to make it much nicer to head outdoors when you want to get some exercise. Take advantage of this great weather to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight before it gets too cold to want to be out there for long.

It’s all well and good to go to the gym, but when you can take your workouts outside, it’s a lot of fun to do so. It can come with many benefits, too.


Olympic Athlete Exercise Tips

Olympic Athlete Exercise tips

You know what they say, if you want advice–take it from the pros. And we think that the pros are definitely the Olympic athletes. If you are exercising to win a gold medal then you better know your exercise and fitness routines quite well. So, if you are wondering what they do to prepare for the Olympics and even after to keep in awesome shape–then you are in the right place because we are going to share Olympic Athlete Exercise tips.

This is because we want you to have the best advice and enjoy optimum success in your weight loss and fitness goals.


Exercises That Burn The Most Calories

burn the most calories with these exercises

When people exercise they want to do the exercise that is most efficient. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck right? So how do you exercise to burn the most calories? First we have to examine all the options.

Type of Exercise to Burn the Most Calories

  • First there is cardio, that can be anything from a stroll around the neighborhood to a jog up a mountain.
  • Next there is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Basically, continuously changing the intensity or speed of your workout.
  • Finally, there is weightlifting or strength training.


The 30 Day Squat Challenge: Does It Work?

30 Day Squat Challenge results

For the last few years, the 30 day squat challenge has been hopping in and out of popularity.  It seems that this is among those challenges that is a lot of fun to try but that needs to fade from the public eye for a while before it takes off once more.

Still, it is fascinating to watch it come around again.  For many of us, it makes us curious as to whether we should give it a try for the first time, or if we should try it again after having successfully – or unsuccessfully – attempted it in the past.

Top Workout Songs of All Time

top workout songs of all time

Getting motivated to workout can be a challenge. Staying motivated is a whole other challenge. What if there was a full proof way to do both? There is, it is in the music!

How many times have you turned on your favorite song and had the urge to get up and dance. That part is simple, the hard part is coming up with some blood pumping songs. That’s where a top workout songs list could come in handy.

When you think of what to download you might draw a blank. Here is a list that comes from the favorites of many genres and generations.

Here is the Top Workout Songs of All Time

  1. Another one bites the dust BY: Queen
    9. Lose Yourself BY: Eminem
    8. Right Now BY: Korn
    7. Gonna Fly Now BY: Bill Conti/The Rock Orchestra
    6. Smells Like Teen Spirit BY: Nirvana
    5. Hit ‘Em Up BY: 2Pac
    4. Back in Black BY: Guns N’ Roses
    3. Pump it BY: Black Eyed Peas
    2. Stronger BY: Kanye West
    1. Rebel Yell BY: Billy Idol

It Doesn’t Stop There

Didn’t see some of your favorites?  Here are some of the top workout songs of all time that nearly made it to our top 10 list:

  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
  • Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
  • Born This Way – Lady Gaga
  • Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  • So What? – P!NK
  • Wings – Little Mix
  • This is Me – Greatest Showman Soundtrack
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • Kick Ass – Mika vs. RedOne
  • Daft Punk Medley – PTX

The Difference Music Makes

Why is music so motivating and helpful during workouts?

Music works as a distraction from the pain and exhaustion from a hard workout. When you listen to music while working out, you will find yourself running faster, pumping more, and pushing yourself further than you thought you could. Some researchers found music to be a “type of legal performance enhancing drug”. Music also works as a mood enhancer, helping to lift peoples spirits.

When it comes to working out, it can be hard to get motivated. Better yet, it can be hard to stay motivated. However, music can be your motivation, performance enhancing, and mood boosting supplement. Music can be all the difference in the world to how long and how hard you push yourself.

The ten top workout songs of all time will really help you stay on track with your workout routine. A few of the top workout songs come from the best fight scenes in some really motivating movies. The top workout songs of all time are some classic historical songs of all time, and will always be remembered.

Research Shows Fast Songs are Better!

A recent study from the University of British Columbia (UBC) showed that upbeat, fast music is some of the most motivational and enjoyable for a workout.  That’s right, if you’ve already been listening to fast-paced playlists during your gym sessions, your top workout songs are right in line with what science says is best for your progress!

While the top workout songs won’t be the only factor to decide if you’ll have a great workout session, they can sure help.  They will help you to naturally keep up a faster pace.  Moreover, you’ll also feel time passing more quickly when you’re listening to upbeat songs you truly enjoy.

Certainly, if you’re doing a yoga workout, the upbeat songs may not match what you’re doing.  However, if you’re trying to push through your cardio or power up your strength training, faster songs you love are among your best tools.

The researchers compared the results of HIIT workouts of volunteers who listened to motivational and upbeat music, those who didn’t listen to any audio at all, and those who listened to a podcast with talking, not music. They recorded many different metrics and after they crunched the data, they found that the volunteers who listened to the upbeat music were the ones who found their workouts the most enjoyable.

Interestingly, the volunteers listening to the music also achieved higher heart rates and showed more power in their workouts than those in the other two groups. Therefore, you might consider the top workout songs on your playlist to be just as important as using the best equipment and the right moves!

The Best Exercises to Lose Weight While Taking FenFast 375

Exercises to Lose Weight fast

Do you still need to do exercises to lose weight if you’re taking a diet pill? If you’re taking a diet pill and think it will help you to get the results that you want, you need to understand what these products can do. In an indirect way, it will offer support. You can also enjoy a great jumpstart to your weight loss journey.

The problem however is that if you don’t keep up exercises to lose weight, then you’re not going to shed fat or build muscle.  This is doubly important as both less fat and more muscle are needed to help you enjoy long term results.

Importance of Exercises to Lose Weight While Taking FenFast 375

When you take a diet pill such as FenFast 375, you can feel good about its benefits.  The energy boosting, metabolism enhancement, thermogenics and focus support that can be key to overcoming your barriers to success. You do however want to focus on the best exercises to lose weight so that you can enjoy a true body transformation. They are also fundamentally important.

There are many diets and products out there that will tell you otherwise.  Still, you do need to exercise to change your body and lose weight in the long term. It’s essential to build muscle, shed fat, and ultimately speed up your metabolism—and all of these matter greatly to long term weight loss.

Weight Loss Isn’t Just a Matter of Fat Burning

You don’t want to just focus on the number on the scale. Also concentrate on a true body transformation and thinking of how you feel. Therefore exercise will always be important to the big picture and to holding onto your results. You want to make exercise a very positive part of your regimen, and never look at it as a chore. Think of exercises that will challenge you and push your body to keep changing as you move forward.

You may be stuck in a rut or unsure of where to start. However, there are some specific exercises to lose weight that can be utilized here. You want to try to get your whole body in on the act for that is how to get the most value out of the work that you put in. Here is where to focus your efforts for the best value and complement to FenFast 375.

Try These!

  • Push Ups: You might not think that this is a valuable exercise to lose weight as it’s been around forever. However, it really works to shape your body. You can add muscle and tone, but you can also shed fat too. You want to start with knees on the ground for a modified push up, and then work your way up. As you get used to this exercise you can add resistance, try different variations such as tricep push ups or even one handed push ups. You can also try to perform more reps. It’s a classic exercise that really gets the whole body in on the act. That’s how you speed up the weight management process while using a great diet pill such as FenFast 375.
  • Planks: You probably think that holding yourself up in a simple plank position is far too easy to get results. Nope! That’s simply not the case here! This is one of the best exercises to lose weight because when you are shaking as you hold the position. That means that these exercises to lose weight are working. Try to hold it for thirty seconds and then build your way up. Try toe-touches or knee taps as you hold the plank position and see if that offers a unique variation to it. The longer that you hold this pose, the more that you get the core, the back, and the upper lower body in on the act and that’s true value.
  • Burpees: Sure they are hard but they are so valuable when it comes to losing weight and shaping up. Start by simply stepping through this so that it’s a low impact and therefore approachable version. Step back from standing into a plank position, then step up before you stand again. Then as you get more accustomed to these you can jump back. Then, jump up into standing and end with a robust plyometric jump at the top. Burpees burn some serious fat and you can do them at your best performance level with extra energy from FenFast 375.
  • Mountain Climbers: This is another one of those exercises to lose weight that help you get fit because it asks so much from your body. The whole body has to help hold you up and support you. Then, you are literally climbing a mountain using your feet and lower half. Try to add speed and resistance to these as you get used to them. See how you can challenge yourself!

These are some seriously powerful exercises to lose weight, especially when combined with eating right and a helpful diet pill such as FenFast 375 that will support you as you aim for where you really want to be once and for all!

Force Yourself to Exercise When You Want to Veg

Force Yourself to Exercise When UnmovitatedDo you wish you could just force yourself to exercise and get it over with? There are times when all you want to do is veg out and forget about your workout. If that should happen once in a blue moon, that won’t hurt anything. However, if it happens regularly, it can be harmful to your fitness. It can also negatively impact your weight management.

That being the case, how do you force yourself to exercise? What is the secret to getting up and moving around when the couch and TV are calling? (more…)

Partner Workout Moves to Activate Your Passionate Side

passionate partner workout movesAnyone who has ever worked out with a partner knows that it’s not really the sensual, romantic experience you’re expecting it to be based on what you’ve seen in your favorite romantic comedy. However, you can still have a lot of fun together and keep your passion for each other going despite the sweat and other unromantic features of a great workout.

The key is to find the great partner workout moves that will have you working together and truly enjoying each others’ company at the same time. This will help to boost spirits, enhance the depth of your relationship and when you do workouts on a regular basis, it’s also great for the libido, shhhhh!

If you’re looking to improve your fitness and have been trying to think of something new to do together, partner workout moves could easily kill two birds with one stone. (more…)