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The Most Effective Tricep Exercises

Top Tricep ExercisesThat extra skin and fat under your arms can be difficult to look at when you are trying to lose weight. Bulking up under the arms can be difficult, even when you are a professional weight lifter. Luckily there are some great tricep exercises that you can try out in order to make your arms lean and tone them how you would like.

1. Close grip bench—this is one of the best tricep exercises you can use in order to make your arms look lean and fit. This particular exercise will ask you to set up just like you are doing a bench press, keeping your arms at least shoulder width apart. You will then go down and keep the elbows in, instead of going out. When you get to the bottom of this movement, let the bar go to the low part of the chest but when it is at the top, have it over the upper chest.

2. Weighted dips—for this tricep exercise, you will take two benches and put them about 3 feet apart. Sit on one of them with the heels on the other and then place the palms down on the one you are at. Then you slide forward and use the arms to support your weight while doing a backwards push up movement.

3. Tricep extension—now you will hold onto a dumbbell and then lower it behind the head. You will want to lower it so that it becomes even with the lower part of your head, but do not go further than this or you will end up overextending. Raise the dumbbell back so that the arms are extended and then repeat.

4. Clapping diamond pushup—for this tricep exercise, you will position the hands so they are under the chest just like a pushup except the hands are touching to form the shape of a diamond you will need to start out with doing 10 pushups just like this. During this pushup, you need to go up high enough so that you are getting a clap in between all of them, which uses more strength than a regular pushup.

With a little bit of work with these tricep exercises, you are going to have some of the best looking arms in the gym. Start out slow and you can always work up to a higher intensity later on when you feel more comfortable with it.