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Unique Ab Exercises that Work Better than Crunches

Unique Ab Exercises

There is a lot of hype out there about unique ab exercises and whether or not they really work. There are some people who seem to do two crunches and wake up with a six-pack—you know who they are, the people you want to glare death-rays at—but there are also some people who crunch their way to nirvana but do nothing more than release endorphins and push themselves to disappointment when they come down and don’t see a single dent in their belly.

This being the case, are crunches really the key to getting the abs you want? Or is there something else at play here that is turning the tables toward some people…and away from others? There could indeed be many different factors deciding who will get the most benefit from crunches.  That said, the good news is that there are actually far better unique ab exercises that you can do to get the results you want in a more efficient way.

Why Can You Crunch and Crunch and See Nada?

Here is the secret explained in simple terms. We will start with the miracle two-cruncher who you may fantasize about bodily injuring. This person has a high metabolism and low body-fat; or even if they do have some cushion, their metabolism will burn it off fast. This actually exposes the muscle they have developed underneath.

Now, the person who crunches in vain only to see no improvement in return has the opposite issue. There may be oodles of rippling muscles under there, but there is one problem–the fat is on top and the only way to get muscle to show is to expose it. The only way to expose muscle is to lose the fat that is over it and all over the body. This is why we are not seeing the results we want to see.

The Importance of Cardio in Addition to Unique Ab Exercises

Most people crunch until they see stars and never enter into either cardio or fat-burning resistance training. Therefore, its’ very important to make sure that you’re not just choosing unique ab exercises but that you’re also incorporating them into a more complete workout. Your workout should include both strength training and cardio to be sure you’re toning those muscles, but also burning away the fat layer covering them up.

Fortunately, fat burning cardio workouts can involve nothing more than jogging, brisk walking, running, cycling, or swimming.  If you love a good spin class, you’re in luck, because that’s a great one for fat burning.  Also, keep in mind that when it comes to cardio, the area you work isn’t necessary where the fat will be burned.  So, if your cardio typically works your lower body the most, your middle will still be included in the fat burn. For best results, aim to work with the largest muscle groups as they’ll burn through the most energy and, therefore, fat.

So, hate to exercise? Well then, you can do some of these unique ab exercises, which are a bit unusual and don’t get too much attention. These are simple, and you can do whatever variation is comfortable to you. These are designed to combine resistance training with crunching.

Unique Ab Exercises to Improve Your Results

1. Body Saw

Get yourself a pair of sliders. Twenty dollars and up is not a bad investment for great abs. Get into the plank position with toes in the sliders and pull your knees to chest then you can actually move your bottom half from side to side using just your core. That’s for your front abs as well as your obliques for the all-around look. You can find videos for these unique ab exercises on Youtube and refer to the insert of the sliders. It’s that easy.

2. Landmine

Slide a barbell into a secure corner of the room. Pick up the other end with sufficient, but not dangerous, weight attached. Move that end up and down your body slowly using only core strength. Adjust the weight accordingly.

3. Side Twist Throw

This requires a medicine ball. Stand with a wall on your left or right side, feet just a bit more than shoulder-length apart. Hold a medicine ball on the opposite hip and quickly throw it toward the wall. Catch the ball without breaking your stance and repeat.

The gist of these methods is to use core strength as resistance training. Resistance training coupled with these unique ab exercises is the way to get abs to grow and abs to show. Just don’t forget to include your cardio workouts, too, for better overall health and to keep your body fat percentage just where you want it to be for wellness…and to show off those well-toned muscles!