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Valentine’s Day Weight Loss Tips: Help Your Valentine Fall in Love and Not Off Their Diet

Valentine's Day weight loss tips and gift ideas

Valentine’s Day weight loss tips aren’t exactly in line with candy hearts and boxes of chocolates. When we think of Valentine’s Day treats, the majority of us think of sweet indulgences. Alternately, some of us may have a candlelit dinner at home or at a fancy restaurant in our minds. Typically, those involve a rich and delicious meal followed by a dessert that often contains the same number of calories that most of us should be eating in a single day.

Valentine’s Day Weight Loss Tips for Gift Giving

As fun as that can be, if your special someone needs some weight loss support, the calorie, sugar and fat packed meal can be a setback of days or even weeks. For that reason, if you want to give your love something truly special this year, consider some alternative treats that don’t come with the dieting setbacks.

Consider the following 10 Valentine’s Day Weight Loss Tips for Giving Great Gifts this Year

The following gifts fall in the category of Valentine’s Day weight loss tips because each one can fit perfectly into a strategy to reach a goal weight, without skimping on the romance.

1. Couples yoga and a massage

Do something truly healthy together, such as yoga, which is fantastic for both the body and mind. Follow it up with a massage that will leave you both feeling as though every muscle has truly relaxed.

2. Tickets to an event

Romance comes in many forms, and when you’re both hockey fans, you love the theatre or you’ve both been dying to see the latest blockbuster, grab a pair of tickets and get ready to make a special evening out of it.

3. A fruit bouquet with dark chocolate for dipping

If you’re not in the mood to send flowers, send fruit instead and make it even more romantic by adding a dark chocolate (at least 75% cocoa) dipping sauce. It’s perfect for a sweet tooth while being packed with nutrients, too.

4. Jewelry

Among the best Valentine’s Day weight loss tips is to opt for sparkles instead of sprinkles. Something meaningful and possibly engraved can be very sweet and calorie-free, too!

5. Matching fitness gear

What that entails depends on you and your Valentine. Maybe it’s a pair of fitness trackers, a gym membership, or even a workout class you can do together.

6. A relaxing bubble bath kit

Put together a bubble bath for two, including bubbles in his/her favorite scent, some candles and a playlist that will give you a romantic half hour.

7. A spa treatment

Head to a local spa for a treatment together. This can mean facials, manicures, massages, or anything else you’d both find relaxing.

8. A home spa kit

Put together a basket of some pampering favorites such as a face scrub and mask for his/her skin type, a manicure set, and some massage oil with a promise for later.

9. An indoor picnic

Prepare some fresh and healthy dishes within the boundaries of your Valentine’s diet and enjoy a cozy floor picnic together on a blanket.

10. Taking care of everything

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day weight loss tips don’t come in a box or wrapped with a bow. Sometimes it’s knowing that you’ll get the kids ready for school, make the meals, clean up the kitchen, stop at the supermarket and run the other errands for the day. It can make your Valentine feel as though he/she is on a mini vacation right there at home.

Think Creatively About Your Own Valentine’s Day Weight Loss Tips

Remember that the day is not about dieting.  When we mention Valentine’s Day weight loss tips for gift giving, we are referring to a respect for the efforts you, your partner, or both of you are making to reach a goal. The day is about romance! Enjoy your time together and use these gift ideas to do it without risking that guilty feeling from risking setbacks as you pursue your weight goal.