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What Is a Walking Workstation?

What is a Walking Workstation If you haven’t yet heard of this latest trend, then you should take a moment to look into the concept of a walking workstation. This is one of the latest trends for getting fit in the workplace, and it’s catching on quickly. There are some serious pros and significant cons to it, but those who use walking workstations love them. This can be a great idea if you happen to work from home and have the necessary room and capacity. Even if you work in an office, though, this is the type of workout that can help you to accomplish more and really get fit while you work—and that’s what makes it so appealing.

If you are debating whether or not to set up a walking workstation, realize that there is a serious business model surrounding this concept. The way it works is quite simple in nature, as it’s a desk and workstation that are attached or adjacent to a treadmill—the idea being that you can perform many tasks, take phone calls, and do a lot of your work while you walk on the treadmill. This is truly multi-tasking at its best, and it helps to ensure that you get a lot of work done, but that you don’t do so while practicing a sedentary lifestyle. Though you may think it’s crazy, this concept is working for so many people that it’s well worth considering.

This Is the Ultimate Measure In Productivity

The idea of the walking workstation was developed by people who recognized that just sitting at a desk all day long wasn’t a good notion. We as a society tend to sit too much, and even inserting 20 minutes of activity per day can help tremendously with weight loss and with maintaining good health. Getting up and walking around works well for this, but too few people will actually get up from their desk to do so. Now, when you have the treadmill right there, it ensures that you do exercise. Therefore, the walking workstation is a multi-tasking workstation that helps you to get fit and be productive all at the same time. It can work for some people and may be worth considering if you want to get fit at work!

One of the only drawbacks to the walking workstation is that either work or the treadmill can take too much of your attention and therefore leave you distracted from the other activity. This means that you could get injured more easily, or even that you could be less productive in the long run. You do want to be sure that you have the space and the right environment for it. You also want to be sure that you are able to concentrate properly and that you can get work done without being bogged down with a workout. If you are a good candidate for this ultimate measure in multi-tasking, however, then take a look; it may change the way you work and get fit forever!