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Finding a Weight Loss App That Helps You Stay on Track

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Many dieters and calorie counters are using weight loss apps to help them stay on track. They provide services such as calorie counting, exercise logs, group support, goal setting, and track progress. Do they really help? Learn how to use these tools to your advantage and get the most out of technology.

What are they and what do they do?

  • SparkPeople – The SparkPeople app is a spinoff of the popular weight control website, offering nutrition and fitness tracking.  Its nutrition tracking includes an extensive and always-growing database. It also has a barcode scanner feature that allows dieters to scan the products they’ve purchased so they will be automatically entered into their food log, instead of having to enter them manually. It can also be synced to many of the most popular fitness tracker brands so your daily exercise can be automatically entered, as well.

  • Fitbit – This is the proprietary app created for users of the most popular fitness tracker, the Fitbit.  All the models of this device can sync with this highly customizable app. Though it does have a nutrition tracking feature as well, it has limited functionality.  Many users choose to use another nutrition tracking application such as MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople, which both sync with the Fitbit app.  The same nutrition results can be enjoyed when that data has been completed via other tracking apps.
  • MyFitnessPal – This app may have “fitness” in the name, but its nutrition tracking features are much broader than the simpler fitness tracking side. It has a highly customizable food diary including a massive database and recipe calculators. This app comfortably syncs its data with the Fitbit app to help create a completer and more accurate picture.
  • Noom weight loss– this weight loss app helps you stay on track by allowing you to set goals, track progress, and as a little bonus there is a way to track your consumption.
  • Endomondo sports tracker– this weight loss app is for people who are constantly out and about. Bikers, runners, hikers, and so on, this app tracks miles and allows you to see where you are Google maps.
  • Eat this not that – the game- this game is designed to show dieters how to make better food choices. Also, to show them healthier variations of their favorite foods.
  • Calorie counter by MyNetDiary– this weight loss app helps you stay on track by keeping track of calories and food intake, also exercise. It uses graphs to show your progress. Also, it allows you to scan the barcode on most foods and find all the nutrition facts on your device.
  • Jefit– this app is for all you gym rats out there, giving you a anatomical list of exercises for each and every part of your body.
  • Nike training club– if you want a personal trainer in the comfort and privacy of your own home, but cannot afford the cost, this app might be in your ballpark. Nike training club offers a set exercise routine from the experts in fitness straight from Nike.
  • Daily burn– an app for the beginners in fitness apps. This app allows you to track calories, exercise, and your progress. Very user friendly, when and if you are ready there are paid perks like bar code scanning.

No matter your preference, style, or affordability there is an app to assist you in your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to track calories, log foods, track exercise routines, or anything else there is a weight loss app to help you stay on track. Utilizing weight loss apps to help stay on track has helped so many people reach their weight loss goal. Technology is here to make life easier, use it to your advantage.