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Top Weight Loss Barriers That Could Stop Your Success in 2019

Top Weight Loss Barriers

Have you identified your weight loss barriers for this year? Did you know that one of the biggest risks you can take to your dieting success is to fail to take this step? It’s very important to know what is most likely to stand in your way if you want to be successful in achieving a goal – this includes weight loss.

Take time early in your strategy to come up with some of the most likely weight loss barriers to affect you. Then, over time, you can add to or take away from this list as you discover new challenges or find out that what you’d expected to cause struggle isn’t a problem anymore.

What Weight Loss Barriers Do You Likely Face?

The following are the top weight loss barriers people face as they pursue their goals this year.

  • Unhealthy salads – Well meaning dieters often turn to salads to help them to reach their goals. Unfortunately, by choosing the wrong salads, they create unexpected weight loss barriers for themselves. If you are eating salads with creamy dressings, mayonnaise, lots of cheese, bacon, croutons, taco chips or candied fruit, you’re not eating the healthy and diet-friendly meal you’d hoped for. Double check your salads for nutrient, calorie, unhealthy fat and sugar content before you dig in!
  • Unhealthy soups – Just like the salad dilemma, soups pose a similar challenge. The weight loss barriers are often overcome if you choose soups based in clear broths instead of creamy soups. Clear soups are often higher in nutrition, too.
  • Huge plate sizes – The bigger your plate, the more likely you are to eat more at each meal. Research has shown several times over that smaller plates lead to lower food consumption with the same satisfaction level. We like to see a full plate of food in front of us to fill us up at mealtime. Therefore, downsize your plates a little if you want to help yourself to eat smaller portions.
  • Sugar hidden in everything (!) – Have you read the ingredients lists in your innocent-seeming foods lately? Your spaghetti sauce? Your salad dressing? Your frozen meal? Even if the flavors are savory and have nothing to do with each other, they all have one thing in common: sugar. Foods don’t have to be sweet to be packed with sugar. Pay attention to what’s in your foods before you buy them and compare with similar alternatives on the shelves to find options that contain less sugar. This means fewer empty calorie and fewer weight loss barriers.