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5 Weight Loss Workout Moves That Aren’t as Effective as You Think

Weight Loss workout movesWhen you are trying to lose weight, you want to make sure that you are doing the workouts that will get you the most in no time. While there are a lot of great workouts for weight loss, there are also quite a few that are going to do absolutely nothing for you in this arena. Here are the top workouts that aren’t all that effective when it comes to weight loss.

1. Sit Ups
Pretty much all weight loss programs ask you to do sit ups, but these are actually not that effective at tightening up your stomach and won’t help you lose weight.

It is best to do some planks or side planks instead since these work on various parts of the stomach.

2. Touching the toes
You have been told for years that this is a great workout to stretch out your legs, but it’s not really doing anything. All you are doing is hanging down from your waist and not getting anything done at all except making some injuries more likely. If you want to get in a good stretch, look at some yoga poses that last for at least five minutes.

3. Tricep Press over the head
Everyone wants to get some lean and mean arms that look amazing, but these are not the ones to do it. Triceps are hard to get firm and looking good. Doing tricep presses over your head could have some value, but the method that most people use will actually harm themselves and could harm the neck and the shoulders. Try doing some tricep extensions with some weights instead to get better results.

4. Thigh Adductor
For most people, it is not a good idea to work out the adductor too much. This is a small muscle and it is not going to help you much with weight loss. The only people who really need this are martial arts specialists. Lunges and squats are much better for working out the thighs and getting them nice and strong for weight loss.

5. Sideways bending with dumbbells
Some people choose to do different bends and stretches with dumbbells but this can cause a lot of harm to the body. When you are moving the arms down and up, you are putting a lot of strain on the back and if you do this with weights that are too heavy, you could even cause some damage to the muscles and the nerves in that area.