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Make Your Very Own 100 Calorie Snacks

healthy 100 calorie snacks

You’ve probably seen those bags of 100 calorie snacks at your grocery store and thought that they were a great idea. In theory they are because they help you to manage your portions and see just what you get for 100 calories.

This is a good rule of thumb for a snack, but the truth is that you can do much better on your own. These packaged snacks may be good in a pinch, but you will quickly find that they can pack a whole lot more sugar, salt, and preservatives than you really need. After all, just because a packet contains 100 calorie snacks, it doesn’t mean that they’re good for you! 

Whole Foods vs. Processed

Recent research has shown that calories aren’t everything when it comes to weight loss.  Yes, 100 calorie snacks are handy for keeping your daily caloric intake under control. However, you also need to pay attention to what comprises those energy units.

What the research showed was that if you eat 100 calorie snacks made out of whole foods or the same measure of highly processed foods, it’s the whole foods that will give you the weight loss advantage.  That’s right, if you eat the exact number of calories from apples or chocolate bars, it will be the fruit that gets you to your weight loss goal fastest.  Science has finally shown that nutrition plays a considerable role in helping you to get where you want to be on the bathroom scale.

Convenience vs. Results with 100 Calorie Snacks

Though you may very well enjoy the convenience, why not create your own measured out snacks to get the most out of snacking?

Some of the very best 100 calorie snacks come from your own kitchen. Here’s the thing—when you use the already portioned out snacks they are usually not the healthiest of foods to begin with. So sure you can get 100 calories of a cookie wafer, but you are still hungry a while later. Not only that but you are also not eating healthy and balanced at snack time which is so very important.

If you want to enjoy snacking for all that it can be, then you need to pack your own. You can get in some vital nutrients and help yourself to feel satisfied, and really that’s what snacking is all about.

You Can Create Your Healthiest Snacks on Your Own

Start by thinking through what a 100-calorie snack could look like from your favorite healthy foods at home. Try to create your own trail mix as a start as that can be very satisfying and healthy. Mix small portions of nuts like almonds and walnuts, raisins, dried cherries, and other dried fruit. Even small portions of nuts can go a long way to keep you feeling satisfied as a great 100 calorie snack that keeps you going for much longer than any prepackaged idea.

Other 100 calorie snack options are:

  • Carrots with some hummus for dipping (baby carrots don’t even need to be chopped up!),
  • Low fat Greek yogurt with fresh berries,
  • A nice-sized fruit salad,
  • Whole grain crackers,
  • Fresh vegetables with a low-fat salad dressing as a dip,
  • Low fat cottage cheese with fresh pineapple.

Bringing it All Together

The key is to mix in food groups and portion things out, but you will get the hang of it in no time. If you know what you are eating, and you make healthy and balanced choices then you can benefit from these snacks all day long.

If you know you’ll always give in to the temptation of convenience over what’s right, then play to that weakness and make it a strength. At the start of each week, portion out all the snacks you’ll need.  That way, when snack time comes, there isn’t any effort required to grab the perfect 100 calorie snacks and start munching.

Though you may not realize it, making your own 100 calorie snacks in this way gives you everything you need.  At the same time, the longer you do it, the more it creates a perfect snacking foundation to give you energy and keep you satisfied now and well into the future