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How to Reduce Your Salt Intake While Still Enjoying Delicious Meals

Tips to Reduce Your Salt Intake

Wondering if you should reduce your salt intake? Has your doctor already told you it would be a good idea to do so?  If you eat an average American diet, even a balanced one, then the odds are that you’re taking in more sodium every day than is likely good for you.


Can an Online Weight Loss Quiz Really Help You?

Does a Weight Loss Quiz Help?

A weight loss quiz can be a lot of fun to help you to get an idea of your strengths, weaknesses, styles, preferences and other factors.  You can find out some of the things holding you back.  You can also discover where you’re most likely to excel with your fat burning.  That said, this is only true if you choose one from the right source.

Choosing a Weight Loss Quiz Online

The vast majority of the weight loss quiz sites online don’t actually have all that much to offer in terms of practical benefits.  Sure, it can be amusing to discover your Disney princess dieting type, but does that really help anyone make choices when mealtime comes around? No.  There’s nothing wrong with completing those surveys as long as it’s for entertainment value only.

The real challenge has to do with finding a weight loss quiz that will be educational and informative but that won’t mislead you.  Many of the options online are produced by well meaning people who don’t have expertise in this area, or by companies trying to steer the results toward a purchase of their products.

What to Expect From Your Results

There are some informative and helpful weight loss quizzes online, such as one on WebMD.  They can help to guide and inspire you, especially when it comes to encouraging you to find more information about a topic that may be beneficial to you or learn about things you might want to avoid.

However, when you truly want to find the right guidance for your healthy lifestyle choices, it’s always considered best to speak to a medical professional.  Starting by consulting with your doctor can help you to know which type of dieting and exercise are most appropriate to your health needs and fat loss expectations.  From there, you may also speak with nutrition experts such as a nutritionist or dietitian, or a fitness expert such as a physical trainer.  This type of personalized, informed advice will be head-and-shoulders above what you could learn from a weight loss quiz.

The reason is that even the best weight loss quiz isn’t able to take into consideration the full complexity of your medical history, current lifestyle, current fitness level and nutrition habits, influencing factors in your life and the amount of weight you need to lose in order to reach your body’s ideal for wellness.  This is beyond any basic online test and involves the knowledge and experience of industry professionals to help you avoid misinformation and easy mistakes.

Meat-Free Recipes That Are Hearty and Healthy

Hearty Meat-Free Recipes

Trying out some of the best meat-free recipes can be a very effective way to enjoy some delicious meals and make some important changes in your lifestyle.  If you are trying to work toward better heart health and disease prevention, if you’re aiming to enjoy a diet with improved ethics, if you’re attempting to reduce your carbon footprint, or if you just want something new, choosing plant based meals can be a great step.


Popular Home Weight Loss Remedies (Good and Bad!)

Home Weight Loss Remedies

Weight loss remedies you can find around the house can be fun to investigate and test out.  After all, the feeling of hope that you will be able to give your healthy eating and exercise strategy a bit of a hand is a nice one.

That said, not all home weight loss remedies are the same. They don’t all work, among those that do work, they don’t all work the same, and some should likely be considered unsafe or inappropriate for many people.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular options and what you can expect them to do for you.


Mood-Boosting Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

mood boosting foods for weight loss

Mood-boosting foods can be a terrific way to keep your emotions and weight loss motivation in a good place. That’s right, the foods you eat can actually have a positive (or negative) impact on whether or not you feel happy. Therefore, it’s worth your while to choose the options that will help support your happiness.

After all, the right mood-boosting foods can help you to keep up with your day. They can also help you to cope with whatever life throws in your direction. Overall, they can make you feel better. There’s a reason that experts call the stomach a “second brain”!

Mood-Boosting Foods Start in Your Belly

Your stomach is filled with nerve connections with your brain. As a result, the right mood-boosting foods provide signals directly from your belly to your brain. The right foods provide you with energy, a sense of calm, or can give your mood a shot in the arm.

Therefore, take care to select the right types of dishes to suit what you need from your mood. Do you need mood-boosting foods to power you up for a workout? Do you need them to settle you down after a long day, so you can get a good night of sleep? Are you just asking for the ability to handle things throughout your day, so you can stay driven? Choose the right foods!

Mood-Boosting Foods Aren’t Just Comfort Foods

It’s easy to think that your best mood-boosting foods are the same as your favorite comfort foods. However, you may be surprised to hear that they’re not at all the same thing.

Your cheesy bacon macaroni tastes amazing, but it might not help your energy or wellbeing the way you want it to. The same can be said about that creamy soup, a bag of your favorite chips or a container of gummy bears. These foods are all great while you’re eating them, but they could actually do more harm than benefit to the way you feel

What Are your Best Options?

The best mood-boosting foods are those that will provide your body with hydration and nutrition. For example, recent research has shown that eating large amounts of raw veggies has a very positive impact on mood. In fact, it’s strong enough that it can help to prevent anxiety and depression.

Lean proteins are also positive choices because they give you lasting energy. Helping to prevent spikes and crashes in energy is always beneficial to keeping up that positive feeling.

What Should You Do with Your Nutrition to Keep Up Your Spirits?

Now that you know about the types of mind boosting foods you should be eating, make sure that you’re using them to your best advantage.  After all, regardless of the nutrition they contain, if you’re continually forcing yourself to choke down flavors you strongly dislike, you will feel punished, not uplifted.

Use the following tips to help you enjoy your mood boosting foods so they can help to support you.

Choose a Variety of Dishes

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn several dishes – not just one or two. The variety will keep your healthy options from becoming boring.  The more you keep up your choices, the more you’ll be able to select what appeals to you most and will enjoy what you have.

Change Your Perspective

Instead of thinking of mood boosting foods as something healthy you should be eating, think of them as treats you’re giving yourself as a gift.  Think of them as something special to keep up your health and wellbeing.  Instead of forcing yourself to eat them, prepare them in a way that makes it special.  This could mean making a dish that is as complex or as simple as you want, provided you enjoy it.

You might find that simple tastes best to you.  If that’s the case, consider trying to make it visually appealing.  Put a touch of effort into it.  What would you do to the dish if you were going to post a picture of it on Instagram? Instead of making the effort for social media, think about doing it just for yourself.

Get the Best You Can Afford

Just because a food is more expensive, it doesn’t mean that it’s better tasting or better for you.  That said, sometimes the more expensive version is indeed more nutritious and/or more enjoyable.  Consider your mood boosting foods to be your special purchases. Make them your splurge for the week or for the month.

This may mean getting a great piece of salmon instead of choosing canned.  It may mean getting organic strawberries instead of conventionally grown ones which are on the Dirty Dozen list of the produce with the most pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers in them. Make your choices carefully and enjoy the rewards of that care.

How to Tell If a Diet Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Diet Is Doing More Harm than GoodThere are a number of diet fads in circulation. Some can help you lose weight, but others can often backfire on you. Choosing the right weight loss plan can be a hassle, but it is better than sticking to a diet that can harm you. If you are on a diet but not seeing results, or are experiencing even more health problems than before, then your diet is doing more harm than good.


Top Antioxidant Foods to Boost Your Immune System and Keep You Healthy

Antioxidant Foods to Strengthen the Immune System

A strong immune system is one of your keys to remaining healthy and including antioxidant foods in your diet can help support that vital function.

Your immune system is made of a number of different organs, tissues, cells, and even proteins.  Combined, they are the front line for your body’s defense against various types of pathogens.  A pathogen may be a kind of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, or other foreign invaders that can lead to disease and/or infection.

Eating Antioxidant Foods to Help Your Immune System

When your immune system detects a pathogen, an automatic response takes place.  Antibodies are released by your body and they attach to antigens located on parts of the pathogen, killing those pathogens.  As you can see, it’s vital that this process works a well as possible.  Among the things you can do to support it is to eat antioxidant foods.

Among the antioxidant foods you can eat to help support your immune system are the following:


Berries are fantastic for containing just what your body needs.  Blueberries are among the options that are particularly high as antioxidant foods for your immune system. They also contain flavonoids which help to support the respiratory system as well. That said, many of the berries you enjoy from your grocery store, including strawberries and blackberries, are also great for what they contain. 

Dark Chocolate

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to eat more chocolate, here it is.  It is one of the top antioxidant foods for your immune system.  That said, there is a catch.  It needs to be dark chocolate with a very high cocoa content.  Moreover, the high calorie and saturated fat levels mean that it’s best that you eat only a square or two per day or you’ll be working against other health goals.


Turmeric is a bright yellow spice used in many forms of cooking and alternative medicine.  Consuming it in combination with some black pepper may help to enhance your immune response due to the curcumin content in the spice.

Dark Green Veggies

Choose your favourite dark green veggies and go to town. These are powerful antioxidant foods that are fantastic for your immune system. They include everything from broccoli to kale and from spinach to swiss chard.

Enjoy Antioxidant Foods and a Healthy Immune System

A great rule of thumb for getting enough antioxidant foods to support your immune system is to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits and add a variety of colors.  Often, the vibrant colors in your fruits and veggies are an indication that there are some great nutrients present for keeping you healthy.

The Most Unconventional Diet Tips Ever

The Most Unconventional Diet TipsAs you work to lose weight, you want to be aware of some of the most unconventional diet tips out there. Sure, some of them rest upon some very real advice and, therefore, be good ideas. The reality is, though, that some of them may actually hurt you, so you need to be informed. Unless you have a doctor available to discuss each one with, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to consistently know the difference between what sounds real and what is real. It’s extremely hard to tell without expert medical knowledge.


How to Get M D Weight Loss Advice Without Being Body Shamed

M D Weight Loss Support

Have you hesitated to get M D weight loss advice because you’re avoiding the risk of being body shamed? You’re not alone.  Far from it.  Millions of people would like to receive recommendations from a health care provider but don’t want to be made to feel bad about how they look or the way they live their lives. This is a very personal topic. 

It’s clear that – aside from the presence of circumstances when a medical condition, medication side effect or other exception – lifestyle is the reason for the presence of excess body fat.  We know this.  We know that something will need to change in order to lose the pounds and keep them off.  That said, it can be difficult to face M D weight loss when it could come with the feeling of shame for our bodies, or the reason we see the current number on the scale.

You Should Not Be Body Shamed When Seeking M D Weight Loss

The first thing you should know is that your doctor doesn’t have any right to actively shame you for how you look.  That said, you should expect that an appointment for M D weight loss will involve factual information.  If you ask for help to reduce your body mass, your doctor may perform certain simple tests – for example, weighing you and/or taking your blood pressure. 

They may also ask you a few questions to determine where you stand in terms of what is contributing to your struggle with weight. From that information, your doctor will make recommendations for changes that you can make for gradual, long-term weight management.  You may or may not like these recommendations, but they should be shared with you factually and without shaming you.

Work as a Team with Your Doctor

It’s important for you to feel that you and your doctor are on the same side.  You are working together for your own best health.  That said, when all is said and done, your body is your own, as are the lifestyle choices you make.

When you make an appointment with a health care professional for M D weight loss support, you are doing so in order to access a medical expert’s knowledge and recommendations for your unique requirements. If you feel shamed by your experience, you have every right to respectfully discuss this with your doctor.  It may or may not have been intentional on the part of your doctor. 

If they are made aware of the issue, they may change their tack, realizing that it is not appropriate for you, and it is not helpful to you.  If they do not, it may be time for you to look for M D weight loss support elsewhere.  It is vital for you to feel that you and your doctor are working together for your best health.  To do this, you must trust your physician not to shame you and to have your best interest – physically, mentally, and emotionally – at heart.

How to Find a Diet Plan That’s Right for You

Find a Diet Plan Right for YouIt’s relatively easy to find a diet plan that’s right for you over the short term.  That said, if you’re looking for something that will benefit you for more than a week or two, the rules start to change.  Fortunately, there are ways to do it so that the strategy you choose it is something you can stick to.

After all, your goal isn’t just to reach a target weight.  That’s definitely a great place to start, but it goes beyond that.  Once those pounds are gone, you never want to see them again!  The last thing you want is to find yourself right back here where you started in a year or two. Here we will discuss not only how to find a diet plan that will suit your goals but also how you can make it all last long-term.

First Steps to Find a Diet Plan

When you find a diet plan, you probably get into a short-term mindset and look at it as something to be endured until you are done with the chore–then back to the former habits until you diet again. This is not a good habit to develop. This can actually cause you to be a serial dieter, which is not good for weight loss or health.

So, what does one do? Instead of focusing exclusively on that goal, it’s time to learn a new mindset that is conducive to losing weight the healthy way and keeping it off! Give yourself the chance to develop an important perspective change.  You’re not just dieting to lose weight.  You’re trying to find a diet plan that will give you the healthy body and mind you want to maintain for the rest of your life.  You want to build habits, so you won’t feel like you’re always following rules. These habits will turn what is initially rules into just your regular way of living.

Your Relationship with Food

Before you find a diet plan, let’s consider what our mindset is about food. Food is part of the Western lifestyle in such a way that portion control is only considered when dieting. In the East, many people also traditionally recognize a social aspect to food; but they eat it in very small portions, and it is very simple.

In the Western world, people tend to go big and sloppy: America has the largest portions in the world and even boasts about it to get butts in seats at eating establishments. Think about it.  When you sit down to a meal, do you expect to eat the right amount for your nutrition and basic satisfaction, or do you want to be full? For most people in the U.S., the answer is clear. We want to get filled up by every single meal. We stop eating when we can’t eat another bite.

Find a Diet Plan that Builds Better Eating Expectations

So, the mindset should be this: I eat to live rather than live to eat. Does that mean you have to give up family gatherings and social eating? No.  Does it mean you can only eat nutrient-dense ingredients? Nope.  Have you had your last flavorful meal? No, of course not; but when you get your body used to smaller portions, you can eat that way instead. You can teach yourself and your body to be satisfied by less.  It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  You don’t need to overeat to be comfortable and avoid feelings of hunger.

How Long Does It Take to Teach Your Body?

After about three weeks of practicing this new way of eating, you will naturally start to want to eat smaller portions. In fact, your stomach won’t be able to handle anything more. This is a good thing. Once you are used to the portion control, it’s easier, and it’s oftentimes cheaper to get groceries for your new lifestyle.

If you’re currently eating an extremely large amount of food, then a gradual process will likely work best for you.  Find a diet plan that will allow you to set monthly goals so you can scale back some of your portion sizes over time instead of all at once. This will make it easier for you to adapt and keep your motivation high.

So, how do you find a diet plan that’s right for you? This is a simple task, actually. In order to choose a plan that will take you into a permanent change, you need to choose it as you would a workout program. If a plan is something that includes things you can do long-term, then you have it made. Consider, for instance, that there are a lot of workout programs out there–but if you aren’t a morning person, then why would you choose a workout that starts with a run at 5 a.m.?