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Tiny Workouts May be the Key to a Successful Fitness Lifestyle

Small Exercises for Successful Fitness Lifestyle

If you’re looking to create a successful fitness lifestyle, it may be less challenging than you think. Recent research is now showing that if you do a few quick minutes of moderate to intense exercise throughout the day, you’ll already be off to a great start. In fact, those little “snack” size workouts are enough to improve cardiovascular health.

Successful Fitness Lifestyle Research

The study was conducted by kinesiologists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan, and McMaster University. Their findings were published in the Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism journal. They indicated that pretty much anyone can create a successful fitness lifestyle no matter who they are or where they are.

Senior study author Martin Gibala, a McMaster University kinesiology professor pointed out that these small “exercise snacks” are very simple to fit into a day. These very short workouts are enough to form a heart friendly successful fitness lifestyle.

What Activities Constitute Exercise Snacks?

Small sized activities can be made up of virtually anything. The first recommendation Gibala pointed to was stair climbing. He said that people who live in apartment buildings or who work in office towers have the opportunity to vigorously climb a few flights of stairs at lunchtime, during breaks, in the evening, or even first thing in the morning. That, alone, can make up an effective workout.

The idea is to use a regular and convenient activity and do it briskly for a brief vigorous workout. The outcome is that when this is done regularly throughout the day, it’s enough to make a difference to a person’s cardiovascular health.

Supporting Previous Studies

This is not the first study to indicate that a successful fitness lifestyle doesn’t need to be made up of length workout sessions each day. Instead, They’ve found that short bouts of vigorous exercise, which can otherwise be known as sprint interval training (SIT), are still highly effective. These should consist of intense bursts of activity for about ten minutes at a time, including recovery times between bursts.

In this most recent study, they found that even if lots of tiny vigorous activities were taken on – not even ten minutes at a time – they would also improve cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF). Good CRF is associated with longevity and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, as you focus on creating your successful fitness lifestyle, consider simply taking on more of your usual activities in a rapid and vigorous way throughout the day. Run up the stairs. Jog to your car. Get up and do a quick round of jumping jacks. It all adds up and is effective.

Regular Exercise Helps Control Food Cravings Through Blood Sugar

Exercise to Control Food Cravings

Do you struggle to be able to control food cravings? If so, you might find that your gym membership is about to become your best friend.

Research has shown that diet has a considerably larger impact on the ability to lose weight than exercise. That said, if you keep up the right exercise, you may be able to better control food cravings driving what you eat. This outcome of new research indicates that exercise may be regaining its status in the dieting world.


Use These Tips to Stay Motivated for Winter Fitness

As temperatures plummet and sidewalks get icy, it’s time to ask ourselves how to stay motivated for winter fitness once again. In mild weather, it’s much easier to feel driven to head out the door for a power walk. When it’s hot out, the idea of taking a plunge in a pool – indoor or outdoor – is glorious.

That said, when one step out the door just makes you want to run back inside and leap under a pile of blankets, the story changes. Trying to stay motivated for winter fitness can take a bit more strategy than it does at other times of the year. Still, it’s a worthwhile effort. You can’t, after all, stay completely inactive all winter long. It’s time to embrace the cold and arm yourself with some fantastic tips and tricks to keep up your workouts.


This Fat Burning Workout to Boost Your Metabolism this Holiday Season

Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism

This holiday season, a great fat burning workout to boost your metabolism can make all the difference. After all, if we’re already going to be fighting hard to stop ourselves from overindulging (too often), then keeping up the right workouts will be more important than usual.

That said, not all workouts are created equally. While most will boost your metabolism in one way or another, you need your holiday workouts to work especially hard on your behalf. Pay attention to your current fitness level and the amount of time you have available. Then, be sure to use them to your best possible advantage.


Get Fit Over the Holidays With These Make-Sense Tips

Get Fit Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a very busy time, so it may seem as though it’s the worst moment to try to get fit. That said, it can prove to be a fantastic time to use make-sense tips to squeak fitness into even the busiest lifestyle. Finding time to be active in December lets you look past your busy schedule and the colder weather so you can make a priority of your wellness.

Use the following common sense tips to get fit and stay that way during the holiday season. This will help you to release your stress, manage your weight and even remain more productive when you’re at your busiest.

Make Efforts to Get Fit a Part of Your Schedule

Schedule your physical activity in advance. Just like you’d schedule an appointment, add your efforts to get fit to your calendar. Make them a non-negotiable item. Treat them like something important so you won’t cancel them and do something else instead. You might find that if you do a quick workout – even 15 minutes – first thing in the morning, you’ll have it over with and will still get just as much done during the rest of your day as you usually would.

In fact, you may find that a workout first thing in the morning will warm you up for the rest of the day. Add another 15 minute workout to your lunch hour or immediately after work, and you’ll fire yourself back up. Quick workouts are energizing and this can help you to make sure you don’t run out of steam before everything gets done.

Choose Easy Activities to Get Fit During the Holidays

At this time of year, nobody needs more complexity. Don’t try to achieve exceptional goals in December when you already feel you’re scrambling to keep up. Instead, choose something you can easily accomplish but that will still be challenging enough to make a difference. A brisk walk, a favorite yoga video, or a strength training routine you know very well will all do the trick. Don’t forget additional mini-workouts you can do simply by parking farther away in the parking lot or by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Dancing to holiday music while you complete your chores around the house is also a fun and available option.

Build New Healthy Traditions to Get Fit

While everyone is together, build some new traditions to get fit and healthy in December. What about a walk around your neighborhood after dinner to enjoy the fresh air and check out the Christmas lights? Check out a different part of your neighborhood each evening to keep things interesting.

These 5 Minute Workouts Let You Stay Fit During the Busiest Holiday Season

Do 5 Minute Workouts Work?Adding tiny 5 minute workouts to your regular daily routine during the holidays may provide you with surprising benefits this year. All too often, we become too busy and too tired to focus on fitness during the busy holiday season. After all, our schedules are packed, we don’t get the sleep we need, we don’t eat for nutrition and don’t have much left to give on the average day.

That said, focusing on adding 5 minute workouts here and there can provide cumulative benefits. These are advantages we simply wouldn’t have if we skipped our usual workouts altogether. Certainly, the exercises we’d usually do during the average day would be preferable.

However, when it’s between having to skip our typical fitness routine or replacing them with 5 minute workouts, the latter is easily the better choice.


Running vs Cycling: Which is the Best Cardio Workout?

Running or Cycling the Best Cardio WorkoutDiscovering the best cardio workout can be important, regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit, or keep up great health. Among the top forms of exercise, running and cycling are often debated as the winner. That said, which one is actually deserving of the top spot?

If you had to choose only running or only cycling, which one should it be? Should you be training to run your first marathon or preparing for your next cycling race? Consider the following as you decide which one is the best cardio workout for you.


Why Exercise at Work Improves Your Health and Your Team

Benefits of Exercise at Work Exercise at work is becoming an increasingly common practice. The reason is that research – and companies, themselves – are discovering the benefits these brief bouts of activities bring to their teams.

Studies have revealed that when couples and friends work out together, their relationships improve. As it turns out, the same thing is true when colleagues exercise at work. Not only does it help them to improve their individual health, but it boosts their productivity and workplace satisfaction.


Here’s Why People are Spending So Much on Their Fitness Lifestyle

Spending on Fitness LifestyleThe fitness lifestyle industry is positively booming. People are spending a small fortune on devices and gadgets, big and small. They’re paying for videos, memberships and subscriptions to help them to achieve a more efficient, more active way of living.

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the health and fitness lifestyle industry in the United States is currently worth an estimated $30 billion. It has undergone a healthy growth rate of 3 to 4 percent per year for at least the last decade without any indication of slowing. In fact, many believe it is speeding up. What does that mean? Americans are becoming more interested in trying to improve their fitness levels.


Science Says These are the Top Fat Burning Exercises

Top Fat Burning Exercises for ResultsWhen weight loss or healthy weight management is your goal, choosing the right fat burning exercises can make all the difference. The main struggle isn’t just that you may not feel like exercising. There is a also a matter of a shortage of time. We’re all busy. We don’t have a lot of time to spare.

When you have a limited amount of time, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the minutes you need to complete a great workout every day. Instead, you just need to make sure you’re focusing on the right fat burning exercises. Do these types of workouts four or five times per week and you’ll discover a considerable difference. These are the kinds of exercises that get results.