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Calories Burned After Exercise Drops in Obesity Patients

Calories Burned After Exercise in Obesity

Recent obesity research has revealed some shocking and rather frustrating news, which is that the number of calories burned after exercise actually fall in people whose BMI is greater than 30.0.  This was the result of a study into resting burning rates by a team at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and from the University of Roehampton.


Is Your Weight Loss Strategy Causing Muscle Loss Too?

Is Your Weight Loss Strategy Causing Muscle Loss

Have you started to wonder if your weight loss strategy is causing muscle loss too? Should you be wondering this if you haven’t already?  After all, to be able to burn away unwanted fat, your primary strategy is to consume food in a way that leaves you in a calorie deficit (regardless of what technique you’re using to achieve that goal). On the other hand, when you’re training to build – or even preserve – lean muscles, you usually need to keep up your calories or even eat in a surplus.  See the problem?


Precautions to Take When Exercising in the Heat

Safely Exercising in the HeatExercising in the heat can be an unavoidable circumstance at times, especially if you live in an area where it is hot most of the year. In addition, being part of certain outdoor competitions can leave you at risk of suffering from heat stroke if you are not careful.


5 Popular Exercises Your Personal Trainer No Longer Recommends

Popular Exercises to Stop Doing

Trends come and go with virtually everything in life, including popular exercises.  That said, while fashion may change to reflect shifting aesthetic preferences, the components of a workout tend to evolve based on the progress we’re making in understanding the human body. As a result, this means that there are certain moves, equipment types, or entire styles of workout that were once the hottest thing in the fitness world, but that your personal trainer would really rather you didn’t do anymore.


Summer Exercise Ideas to Keep Burning Fat While Staying Cool

Summer Exercise for Fat Burning

Summer exercise ideas aren’t just a matter of considering what is possible during warmer weather. They also frequently involve what you’ll actually want to do.  Spring and fall give you mild weather in which you’ll want to get out and move around. However, when you’re facing the dead-heat of the sun on the hottest days of the year, many of us just want to sprawl out with a cold drink and wait for the air conditioner to turn on again.


5 Reasons NOT to Skip Your Workout When You’re Feeling the Blues

Top Reasons NOT to Skip Your WorkoutWhen you’re suffering from the blues, it can be difficult to build up the motivation to face your workout. After all, it can be difficult to build up the motivation to face most things, let alone something challenging and that requires physical effort. That said, when you’re feeling down, it’s even more important to be active than it is when you’re already in a great mood.


6 of the Handiest Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

Top Fitness AppsJust when you thought you were aware of everything, technology surprises you with something new. There are even fitness apps for your iPhone and Android that will follow you and hold your hand, yell at you and even motivate you through your workouts.


Successful Spring Workout Must-Haves

Successful Spring Workout Must-Haves

When you’re looking at your spring workout must-haves, it’s a great time to turn your gym bag upside down to take out what isn’t serving you anymore.  Essentially, a spring cleaning for your equipment and accessories.


The Best Workout Masks That Won’t Make You Feel Smothered

Best Workout Masks that are Breathable

When it all comes down to it, even the best workout masks aren’t perfect.  There’s a reason that the WHO recommends against wearing them while exercising, if it is possible to do so while keeping adequate distance and exercising outside.  That said, when it comes to reality, many gyms across the country require us to cover our faces while we exercise.  If we want to use our memberships to increase metabolism and reach our goals, then it’s up to us to find the best one to get the job done.


Tiny Workouts May be the Key to a Successful Fitness Lifestyle

Small Exercises for Successful Fitness Lifestyle

If you’re looking to create a successful fitness lifestyle, it may be less challenging than you think. Recent research is now showing that if you do a few quick minutes of moderate to intense exercise throughout the day, you’ll already be off to a great start. In fact, those little “snack” size workouts are enough to improve cardiovascular health.

Successful Fitness Lifestyle Research

The study was conducted by kinesiologists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan, and McMaster University. Their findings were published in the Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism journal. They indicated that pretty much anyone can create a successful fitness lifestyle no matter who they are or where they are.

Senior study author Martin Gibala, a McMaster University kinesiology professor pointed out that these small “exercise snacks” are very simple to fit into a day. These very short workouts are enough to form a heart friendly successful fitness lifestyle.

What Activities Constitute Exercise Snacks?

Small sized activities can be made up of virtually anything. The first recommendation Gibala pointed to was stair climbing. He said that people who live in apartment buildings or who work in office towers have the opportunity to vigorously climb a few flights of stairs at lunchtime, during breaks, in the evening, or even first thing in the morning. That, alone, can make up an effective workout.

The idea is to use a regular and convenient activity and do it briskly for a brief vigorous workout. The outcome is that when this is done regularly throughout the day, it’s enough to make a difference to a person’s cardiovascular health.

Supporting Previous Studies

This is not the first study to indicate that a successful fitness lifestyle doesn’t need to be made up of length workout sessions each day. Instead, They’ve found that short bouts of vigorous exercise, which can otherwise be known as sprint interval training (SIT), are still highly effective. These should consist of intense bursts of activity for about ten minutes at a time, including recovery times between bursts.

In this most recent study, they found that even if lots of tiny vigorous activities were taken on – not even ten minutes at a time – they would also improve cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF). Good CRF is associated with longevity and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, as you focus on creating your successful fitness lifestyle, consider simply taking on more of your usual activities in a rapid and vigorous way throughout the day. Run up the stairs. Jog to your car. Get up and do a quick round of jumping jacks. It all adds up and is effective.

Long-Term Weight Management Strategy

Establishing a successful fitness lifestyle is among the most beneficial components you can add to a long-term weight management strategy. By choosing to be physically active on a regular basis in such a beneficial way, you will be sure to enjoy advantages across many categories of your wellness.

Managing your weight is only the start. While it can support burning through more calories, the true value is in controlling your weight so that you will be less likely to watch the lost pounds climbing back on again. When you are taking a successful fitness lifestyle seriously, that is a serious feature for your efforts.

That said, this habit also contributes to better overall cardiovascular health, balance, strength, mental health, confidence, as well as a reduced risk of some forms of cancer, and even a decrease in the risk of constipation. The key is to start at a level that is appropriate for you and to continue to adapt your strategy over time so that it always suits your current goals.