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Top Yoga Moves for a Strong Core

Yoga Moves for a Strong CoreWe know that exercise is an essential part of losing weight, and so learning to create an effective regimen is always the focus. We spend a great deal of time performing cardio and strength training, which is great. If you are after flexibility and strength in all areas of the body though, then yoga is by far your best bet. As a matter of fact, there are a few amazing yoga moves for a strong core that can’t be beat! If you’re not a yoga lover yet, you will quickly learn to embrace this amazing form of exercise.

Sure it’s great to burn calories and shed fat through cardio. You need strength training to build muscle and to help boost the metabolism. What yoga helps you to do however is to build a strong core, and that’s at the center of all exercises. When your core is in good shape, then you look and feel your best. The core is comprised of both the abs and the back, and they are not only visible but integral to all movement. So adding strength to this important area of the body will help you to power through a workout more efficiently and help you to look and feel your best.

We know that yoga is a great way of helping to shape the core region, and now it’s time to understand the best movements possible. Here are by far the best yoga moves for a strong core that will help you to shape this area of the body, but also bring strength to your performance in every other type of exercise as well.

Warrior: You might not think of this as a pose that targets the core since you are standing, but it works quite well. There are several warrior poses, but in all of them you are standing in a squatted position, with arms outstretched, and holding this position for a period of time. What you may not realize is that it is the core which is helping you to not only hold the squat and the pose, but also to help you to move in and out of it. You will build muscle in this area as you firm things up, and you will also contribute to a good all over body workout.

Camel: It’s not easy to perform this back bend, but it’s amazing core work. You sit back on the heels, bending knees, but then you lift up so that your glutes are off the ground. It’s a classic backbend but amplified, and that’s what makes the camel such an effective pose. You have to really dig deep into core strength to hold the pose, and that means a huge strengthening component.

Balancing Star: This is a side plank but taken to the next level! You are only balancing yourself with one hand on the ground, as everything else is lifted into the air. The only thing helping you to hold the pose is your core, and that means you are going deep into the muscle tissue and building some serious strength as you do. It’s hard but so very effective for the core!

Plank: It’s a classic move, but it’s not an easy one. There are many variations to this movement, and therefore the plank most definitely makes it as one of the best yoga moves for a strong core. You have to use only your abs and back muscles to hold this movement, and as only your feet and hands support you there will be shaking. That means it’s working! Start small and build up the time you can hold a plank, and then try different variations for a true challenge. You will notice the differences when you perform planks almost immediately!

Boat: This is all about core strength as you use this region of the body to get into the pose and to hold it. Your feet are up off the ground, so are your arms, and you are holding yourself in place using only your abs and your back as you sit up straight. You are slightly leaning forward, but it takes great strength in the core to hold this pose for a significant period of time.

This is by far one of the best yoga moves for a strong core as you have to build strength to even achieve the pose, and you will have to continue to add strength to hold it for any period of time. It’s a wonderful pose, and though you may have to work up to it you will find it to be very beneficial.

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