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How to Get Back On Track After Stopping Your Diet

Get Back On Track with Your DietIt can feel impossible to get back on track with your diet after you’ve let yourself slip. Whether you’ve stopped altogether, or you’re just cheating all the time, getting back into it can be challenging. It’s not just a matter of knowing what to do. You know what you want to do. However, working it all back into your life doesn’t seem as obvious as it did when you have the motivation of novelty on your side.

Use the following tricks to get back on track when you’ve stumbled from your diet.


Why Your Favorite Celebrity Diet May Not Work For You

Celebrity Diet ResultsDeep down, we all know that a celebrity diet is likely not the best choice for our healthy weight loss needs. After all, just because someone has a great singing voice, is on a hit TV show or blockbuster movie, or has a popular Instagram account, it doesn’t mean that they’re experts in your life and body weight.

Still, it’s easy to want to try the latest celebrity diet. After all, our favorite celebrities often look great. They seem to lose the pounds easily, and they make the current fashions look incredible. Don’t we all want a bit of that feeling?


Here’s Why Science Says Weight Loss Keeps You Young: Brain and Body

Science Says Weight Loss Keeps You YoungWould you be willing to diet if you found out that weight loss keeps you young? If it isn’t enough to think about the things you can’t see, like lowering hypertension and cancer risks, would youth be enough? Science has found that exercise and healthy weight management are the closest thing to a real fountain of youth.

While weight loss keeps you young, it also boosts your mood, gives you better muscle tone and keeps your mind sharper. Those are all features that are important at any age. That said, as you get older, they become increasingly vital.

How Weight Loss Keeps You Young

When you work on losing weight, there are two main steps you take – as well as several smaller ones that are no less important. The first step is eating right. The second step is exercising. Keep in mind that in terms of the way weight loss keeps you young, this refers to long term healthy weight management, not crash dieting. (more…)

Healthy Weight Loss for Pain Relief Helps with Chronic Conditions

Weight Loss for Pain Relief From Chronic ConditionsWeight loss for pain relief is becoming quite a promising treatment for several disorders. There are a number of chronic conditions that cause sufferers quite a bit of discomfort. Among those whose pain is focused in their joints, losing excess pounds is proving to make their lives naturally more comfortable.

Weight Loss for Pain Relief from Joint Disorders

Joint disorders have become quite common. Most commonly are those involving arthritis. That said, when the condition occurs in a joint that supports much of the bodyweight, being overweight or obese can exacerbate the problem.

A new study published in the Arthritis Care and Research journal showed that when knee osteoarthritis patients who were obese or overweight dropped the pounds, their pain fell, too. The weight loss for pain relief study showed that a 20 percent body weight reduction led to a 25 percent pain reduction. (more…)

Everything You Need to Know About the Nordic Diet

Everything About the Nordic DietThe Nordic Diet is one of the newer geographically themed eating strategies on the scene. It promises that by eating foods commonly consumed in Nordic countries, followers will experience better health. These countries include Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.

What is the Nordic Diet?

Instead of promising massive weight loss, as is the case with many fad diets, this is essentially a type of healthy eating plan. It doesn’t make any recommendations for extreme food ingredients, combinations or reductions. It also doesn’t replace any meals with shakes, bars or nothing at all.

Furthermore, the Nordic Diet doesn’t necessarily promise fast results. Instead, it recommends that approximately 80 percent of the foods eaten be ingredients that can be growth in Nordic countries. Ideally, organic versions of those foods should be chosen. Those foods should be prepared at low-temperatures such as boiling and oven baking.

Is There Nordic Diet Research?

In 2012, the Food and Nutrition Research journal published a study that showed that a healthy Nordic Diet strategy can contribute to wellness. Those diets looked at for the research consisted of root veggies, oats, barley and other whole grains, low-fat dairy, fatty fish, berries, rapeseed oil, legumes and nuts. (more…)

Has the Mediterranean Diet Really Disappeared?

WHO Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean Diet has been making headlines lately. That said, the spotlight has been aimed in its direction for some rather unexpected reasons. For several years, it has been considered one of the healthiest dieting options. Published research has suggested it can help to lower the risk of many chronic illnesses from certain cancers to heart disease.

The Mediterranean Diet is based on the traditional style of eating of many cultures living along the Mediterranean Sea. These include the coastal portions of Greece, Italy and Spain.

What the World Health Organization Said

According to the W.H.O., the Mediterranean Diet, at least in its natural and organic form, is essentially dead. According to the well reputed organization, changing lifestyles in all the countries that traditionally used this type of diet has caused it to go extinct. (more…)

Mood-Boosting Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

mood boosting foods for weight lossMood-boosting foods can be a terrific way to keep your emotions and weight loss motivation in a good place. That’s right, the foods you eat can actually have a positive (or negative) impact on whether or not you feel happy. Therefore, it’s worth your while to choose the options that will help support your happiness.

After all, the right mood-boosting foods can help you to keep up with your day. They can also help you to cope with whatever life throws in your direction. Overall, they can make you feel better. There’s a reason experts call the stomach a “second brain”! (more…)

How Many Calories are in a Pound of Fat?

How Many Calories are in a Pound of FatKnowing how many calories are in a pound of fat can help bring context to your eating habits. There are hundreds of different dieting strategies out there. Still, when it all comes down to it, there is something to understanding your food’s calorie content. After all, when you know how your foods are processed by your body, you can make informed choices.

By getting to know how many calories are in a pound, you can make educated decisions. You’ll understand the impact your workouts have on your weight loss. That said, it’s important to remember that not all calories are created equal. Therefore, any diet that counts them all the same way may not bring you the results you want.

How Many Calories are in a Pound

When it all comes down to it, about 3,500 calories comes to about one pound of body fat. Therefore, if all things were created equal, you would need to burn 3,500 calories in order to be able to weigh 1 pound less on the bathroom scale.

This is the reasoning behind diets that tell you to reduce your usual diet by 500 calories per day, then you should be able to lose one pound in a week. That said, it’s not quite as simple as that. Indeed, the math appears to work out if the only thing worth considering was calories. However, that’s not the case. After all, when you lose weight, it’s not usually just body fat. Instead, it is a combination of body fat, lean tissue (such as muscle) and water. (more…)

How to Stop Setting Yourself Up for Weight Loss Failure

Stop Weight Loss FailureWeight loss failure can be a much bigger problem than it seems. There is, of course, the obvious issue associated with it. After all, it means that you didn’t reach your goal. However, it can go much deeper than that.

The Deeper Pain of Weight Loss Failure

When you suffer a weight loss failure – especially if it was a genuine let-down – it can be damaging to your motivation. Motivation is the key to any successful weight loss strategy. When it’s harmed, it can lead to further setbacks. In fact, it causes some people to give up entirely. (more…)

Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight? Our Experts Explain

Biggest weight loss question - why is it so hard to lose weight?One of the questions we’re asked the most frequently is “why is it so hard to lose weight?” Losing weight is a deceptively complex process. Here are some of the most common reasons you have found it more than a little challenging to drop the pounds:


Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight? The Top 5 Reasons

1. Your diet and eating habits need to be altered.

2. Your activity level needs to increase.

3. The quality of your sleep requires improvement.

4. You require more motivation and support.

5. You need to be willing to fail (and start again).