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Is Your Relationship Causing Weight Gain?

Relationship Causing Weight Gain

We tend to ignore our overall lifestyle in this respect, but is it possible that your relationship causing weight gain? This might sound too overwhelming an issue to confront within the context of a weight loss program, but it’s essential to understand the impact of your relationships on your health.

If you are in a relationship that is filled with stress or that causes you to seek comfort in food, then it’s hurting you in more ways than one. You may also be in a perfectly healthy relationship but that is highly focused on food. You may both simply love to eat and choose options and portions that skyrocket your calorie intake each day.  Simply living the way you do is a road to regular overeating.

Step Back and Find Out if Your Relationship is Causing Weight Gain

Take the time to evaluate this issue honestly and ensure that you know how all aspects of your lifestyle are affecting your ability to lose weight.  You may find that your relationship is one of the factors causing weight gain.  Naturally, it isn’t the only factor.  A lifestyle is a complex thing. While there are many different influences, when it comes to something as complex as body mass, it’s unlikely that there is only one thing to blame.

Moreover, when it comes to whether your relationship is causing weight gain, that word, “blame” must be considered carefully.  Remember that many factors are contributing to the number you see on the bathroom scale.  It’s not a matter of playing the blame game. Instead, it’s a matter of discovering how you can tweak your lifestyle for healthier results.

If you discover that your relationship is a factor, you don’t need to blame the other person. Instead, consider what can be done so you’ll know you’re eating what’s right for you, getting the exercise you require, sleeping restfully, and controlling your stress levels.

What Can You Do in Your Relationship, so it Won’t Cause Weight Gain?

Then, before you go about changing every other aspect of your life, start with any necessary adjustments to the relationships that you keep.  This can be very challenging but is important, nonetheless. Take it on out of self-care and out of respect for both yourself and the other person/people in your relationship.
If you wonder about your relationship causing weight gain, then it’s imperative to look at the factors involved. The first thing to remember in this regard is that a great deal of stress can cause weight gain, no matter where it comes from.

Are you simply eating what the other person wants to eat, despite the fact that it’s not necessarily appropriate for you and your health goals? Have you both built habits of eating too much of the types of food that cause weight gain simply because you’re mindlessly choosing foods you know are tasty despite they’re not the right nutrient balance for what your body needs. It could just be a matter of the fact that neither of you is a fan of cooking, so you both enjoy heading to restaurants and getting take-out but aren’t careful about your choices.

When we feel stressed out from personal relationships, for instance, we might gain weight even without overeating. When you feel stress, your body goes to work trying to protect you—and this can lead to added pounds and to accumulation of belly fat. Therefore, if you feel stress from a relationship but think that you have it under control, consider whether you are experiencing any weight gain or difficulty in losing weight. For people with unrelieved stress and anxiety, weight gain is very common.

Emotional and Mental Issues Can Cause Physical Problems

You may also evaluate whether your relationship causing weight gain is attributable to a certain effect on your eating patterns. Some people find that they either skip eating due to stressful circumstances or overeat to cope with emotional pain and anxiety.

Either pattern can result in weight gain! If you skip meals, again, your body tries to protect you and may cause you to store additional fat. You may also overindulge and eat too much when you feel hungry. If you end up eating to seek comfort, this can certainly result in weight gain and health problems. Food is no substitute for healthy living, but we tend to submerge that knowledge when we feel pain in our lives. It’s important, then, to get to the real problem!

Though the exact solution to your relationship causing weight gain may be complicated or difficult, it’s worth the time to think the matter through. If you are not happy, if you are suffering from relationship conflict, or if another person keeps you worried or anxious all the time, then weight gain and other health problems can result. No relationship is worth your health, so be mindful of this when you evaluate those close to you and identify the sources of your stress.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated While on a Diet

Staying Hydrated during dieting

Realistically it’s something that a lot of people forget about, but staying hydrated on a diet is fundamentally important. We put so much into what we eat, but we often move right past what we drink without another thought to it.

Though the foods that we eat matter greatly to our ability to lose weight and stay healthy, so does what we drink. If you have never been a fan of water or you simply never drank enough throughout the course of a day, it’s time for change.

Why Focus on Staying Hydrated?

By staying hydrated you can help your health and even your ability to lose weight in the long term. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you need to chug water all day long. It is more of a matter of being aware of what your body requires and ensuring you are providing that.

Proper hydration helps just about every function within your body. It helps your organs to function properly. It helps your digestion, your metabolism, and keeps your body working in the way that it’s supposed to.

So, when you are lacking that hydration it really hurts your body. Add to it the fact that when you are dieting or working out more, you need hydration more than ever. Though you may discount this fact, a little hydration can really go a long way. You need to add more water when you diet and exercise as it will matter greatly.

Proper Hydration Can Support Your Weight Loss Strategy

What a lot of people don’t realize either is that staying hydrated during dieting can help to improve your results. You will find that sometimes you are simply thirsty when you feel like you want to eat.

So, by keeping up with your hydration needs you ensure that you don’t reach for food as readily. You keep yourself feeling full for longer, and therefore ward off any cravings. You are in control of your portions if you drink water before, during, and after meals. So it greatly benefits your weight loss to stay hydrated at all times!

Do You Need 8 Glasses of Water Per Day?

There is a rather odd rule of thumb that has circulated for decades. It states that staying hydrated requires you to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.  It may surprise you to discover that this figure is not based on actual science.  It is a relatively random figure that simply seems to have been accepted as a target for everyone.  Many doctors recommend it even without any empirical evidence to support the advice.

It isn’t entirely clear where this recommendation found its start.  However, the truth of the matter is that you may not need eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day to stay perfectly hydrated. You may need more. You may need less. There are many factors determining how much you’ll need.

Keep in mind that your body shape, size, function, activity level, age, gender, and many other issues will decide how much water you need for properly staying hydrated.  Moreover, many people eat lots of foods that have a high water content. That is perfectly hydrating, too!  If you had a salad and a bowl of soup for lunch, you may not need much water – or any at all – to go with that meal.

Isn’t Water Needed for Digestion? Doesn’t That Make Staying Hydrated Harder?

Yes, water is required for digestion.  However, simply eating food will not cause you to burn through that whole bowl of soup or fresh salad. If you’ve eaten only dry, salty foods, you will most certainly need to drink some water in the name of staying hydrated.  However, a healthy meal containing fruits and veggies will often take care of a substantial portion of your water requirements.

If the weather is hot, if you’re very active, if you’re unwell or if you’re thirsty, you can certainly know that sipping water all day long is the right thing for you.  That said, if you’re forcing yourself to drink water you don’t want (and you’re not simply substituting soda and juice when you should be drinking water), you’re likely going beyond your actual hydration requirements.

Be Reasonable and Keep Sipping

Though you may have never given much thought to staying hydrated, it can make a big difference. You may power through a workout more effectively when you are hydrated. You aren’t as hard on your body when hydration is present. You are ultimately giving your body everything it needs and wants when hydration is a factor. Therefore, if you want to be your best, maintain the best health, and lose weight and keep it off proper hydration can be the key to great and lasting success. Drink to your health!

Clever Weight Loss Team Names to Motivate Your Support Group

Tips for Weight Loss Team Names

Coming up with especially clever weight loss team names can provide you and those in your healthy lifestyle group with surprising motivation.  It may sound like it’s too simple to do anything beneficial, but the advantages are real.

How to Come Up with Great Weight Loss Team Names

Of course, for weight loss team names to truly work their magic, you need to find ideas that appeal to the entire group. They can be purely motivational, witty, or downright funny.  The key is to make them something with which you’ll all feel connected.  That way, you’ll all reap the benefits of what you’ve chosen and will let it move your progress forward together.

To do this properly, you’ll first need to consider who is in your group. That way, your ideas for your group title will be applicable and appropriate.  Are your teammates:

  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Co-workers?
  • Part of a gym or weight loss club?

Next, it’s time to come to a mutual agreement regarding what should and should not be included in your prospective weight loss team names. Consider whether you want something descriptive, funny, sarcastic, or based on some other theme.  Decide whether your goal should be a part of the name itself. 

Great Features to Include

Remember that winning is your goal. Your weight loss team names should honor that.  This is especially true when there is a specific challenge involved, not just reaching targets on the bathroom scale.  Features that can help that include:

  • Playful terms such as “Dump the Rump”
  • Word play such as “Belly Flat”
  • Subtle references such as “New Dimensions” or “Downsizing”
  • Classics such as “Skinny Minnies”

Features to Carefully Avoid

Just as there are themes that are great to include in weight loss team names, there are also features that are best left excluded.  These are especially important when it comes to negativity.  Avoid names such as “Uglies” or “Fatties” or any other combination of discouraging and derogatory terms. Remember that the name is meant to be motivational. This will hardly be the case if you’re cutting your current selves down.

Equally, try not to be too boring. Nobody will feel connected with “Team 3” or the “Blue Team”.  There’s nothing specifically wrong with that kind of label, but it certainly won’t push you forward like “Mission Slim-Possible”!

Give yourselves time to select your weight loss team name together. That way, you’ll find just the right option to appeal to the whole group.

Can You Learn from Your Sims 4 Weight Loss Efforts and Success?

Sims 4 Weight Loss Lessons

Nobody would recommend that you look to Sims 4 weight loss and gain patterns to learn about how to be healthy and fit in your own life.  This video game may be popular and a lot of fun, but it’s hardly a direct reflection of the reality of living a healthy lifestyle. That said, in this particular version of the game, the bodyweight patterns of the characters can be a reminder of certain tips many of us could learn in real life.

What’s the Deal with the Need for Sims 4 Weight Loss?

Previous incarnations of the game have always had a fitness component.  If your Sim doesn’t exercise enough his or her fitness level will drop.  However, the Sims 4 weight loss and gain patterns added a whole new component to the mix: food. 

This is interesting because body shape, size and fitness used to be based exclusively on exercising.  The amount the character ate wouldn’t have an impact, provided he or she didn’t starve (which certainly had an impact).

Sims 4 weight loss does, in fact, bring in a new more reality-based component in that the food the characters eat contain calories.  Since research has shown that consumed food calories have the largest impact on bodyweight, players can receive an important real-life reminder from the game.  That reminder is that if you want to control your weight, what you eat plays a far bigger role than your workouts.  Exercising does remain very important to health, but calories are the top deciding factor.

Neither You nor Your Sim Should Regularly Overeat

Foods in this version of the game contain calories.  Therefore, if all your Sim does is eat cake, the pounds will be packed on accordingly.  To be able to reduce that, smarter eating and regular exercise are necessary.  This will help the characters that grow larger to shrink down again over time.

That said, both factors – eating and exercising – will be required, just like in real life.  This takes the full focus for body health off exercise alone in the game. 

All the dishes in this game contain calories.  If you’re looking for Sims 4 weight loss in one of your characters, you’ll need to encourage him or her to choose the right option from among the dishes available. A salad contains around 50 calories, whereas more gourmet options such as the lobster thermidor is closer to 500 to 800. That said, the system is not entirely reality-based, so take care. While too many calories will cause weight gain and prevent weight loss, it is exercise that ultimately causes the weight loss to occur once calories are under control.  This makes it a simpler concept to play in a game, but just isn’t how it works in real life.  So, while you can learn a bit from Sims 4 weight loss, don’t forget that it’s still just a simulation and isn’t a health lesson for you.

Changes You Need to Make for a Weight Loss 20 lbs Goal?

Weight Loss 20 lbs or More

When you have a weight loss of 20 lbs goal ahead of you, it’s important to have an idea of what you will need to do and how you will be doing it.  Remember that when it comes to long term weight management, it’s not about dropping the pounds as fast as you can.  Moreover, it’s not just about slow and gradual weight loss, either.  Gradual weight loss is a part of it, but it must be done in a way that you will be able to maintain for a lifetime.

Weight Loss of 20 lbs That Won’t Come Back

Remember that the time during which you’re facing weight loss of 20 lbs or more is actually just a training period for when you use these same techniques for the rest of your life.  This is the time in which you take a good look at what caused the unwanted weight to be gained. By doing this, you an identify some of the lifestyle habits you will need to change and re-set moving forward.

Among the factors you’ll need to consider are:

  • What you eat and how much of it
  • How physically active you are
  • The amount of quality sleep you receive during the average night
  • How you’re coping with stress

Tips to Help You with Weight Loss of 20 lbs or More

Of course, the factors you’ll be considering include very large categories.  You need a strategy that works with those factors and in your lifestyle.  Fortunately, these can be made easier with the right tips meant for people facing weight loss of 20 lbs or more.  Use these to give yourself a great head start.

Set Short-Term Goals

It’s all well and good to have a final weight loss goal in mind.  That said, when you need to drop 20 pounds or more, it can feel as though that goal is a long way off.  This can make it easy to lose motivation during any given day because it can feel as though the individual days’ efforts don’t play too much of a role in the final achievement.  Therefore, set smaller goals along the way to keep yourself motivated and on track. 

Focus on More than Lost Pounds

Remind yourself that it’s not just about reaching a weight goal. You need to set the right lifestyle habits to continue into the future to be sure the lost weight won’t come back.  Therefore, setting habit-based goals can also be motivational. These can even be designed as challenges, such as getting thirty minutes of exercise, five times in a week or eating only nutritious breakfasts and lunches every business day.

The Best Weight Loss Tricks That Have Stood the Test of Time

Time Tested Best Weight Loss Tricks

Sometimes you just want to get back to basics, and that’s why the best weight loss tricks through the years are likely the ones to help you the most. It’s easy to want to find something new and unique – and those techniques might be good, too – but the best weight loss tricks are often the ones that have proven themselves time and time again.


How Your Hormones Affect Your Weight Loss Goals

Hormones Affect Your Weight GoalsYou wouldn’t think that hormones affect your weight loss, but they are very instrumental in how you lose weight. Here we will discuss how stress and hormones affect your weight loss because one will trigger the other easily.


The Link Between Water n Weight Loss and Why You Should Care

Link Between Water n Weight Loss

What’s the deal with water n weight loss?  It might surprise you to know that there is a powerful connection between those two factors. Making sure you’re properly hydrated may help you to see considerable results within a matter of days. It can also help you to burn fat more efficiently than you would if you allowed yourself to remain even slightly dehydrated.

What is the Connection Between Water n Weight Loss?

You’ve probably already heard on many occasions that drinking water can help you with your weight loss.  That said, if you’re like most people, you don’t realize exactly how much or why it is that water can make such a difference.  Making sure you’re ideally hydrated can have many beneficial effects.  These can include:

  • Supporting or even improving your metabolic rate
  • Promoting regularity so you don’t end up bloated from infrequent bowel movements
  • Suppressing the appetite so you’re less inclined to overeat

Of course, those are all things that can help you to get more out of your healthy lifestyle changes in the name of fat loss.  One more thing that water can do for your weight loss is that it can help you to overcome and prevent fluid retention.  This means that by drinking water, you’ll stop your body from trying to hard to hold onto it. 

Overcoming Fluid Retention Through Proper Hydration

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, your size may be suffering as a result.  This can make it look as though your weight loss efforts aren’t as effective as they truly are.  One of the benefits that people enjoy the most as they enter into a dieting and exercise program is the rapid drop in size and even a few pounds.

While drinking water for weight loss may not show up immediately on the scales in terms of burned fat, you still might drop the pounds pretty quickly at first.  The reason is that when you’re properly hydrated, your tissues will release some of the retained fluids.  This can cause you to drop one, two, even five pounds of water weight within a matter of days.  It may not be fat loss, but it’s often a welcome reduction, nonetheless. 

The key is to focus on keeping up your water levels by drinking this liquid or eating lots of foods that contain it.  That way, your body’s tissues won’t be as likely to start retaining again.  This is even more effective when you keep your sodium levels under control as well.

Does Your Morning Coffee Make Weight Loss Easy?

Coffee Can Make Weight Loss Easy

If you’re looking for ways to make weight loss easy, then you might be happy to discover that your favorite morning beverage is supporting all your other efforts.  That’s right, that hot cup of coffee that gets your day started contains caffeine that helps to rev up your metabolism to such a degree that you could see a difference on your scale.

Research Shows Coffee Makes Weight Loss Easy

New research following 126 overweight men and women over 24 weeks looked into the impact of coffee on health, including whether or not it could make weight loss easy – or easier at the very least.  Initially, the purpose of the study had been to observe whether coffee drinking could help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance can lead to considerable blood sugar spikes and can therefore increase the risk of diabetes.

That said, while the researchers didn’t find the proof they had been seeking that coffee could help to protect people against diabetes, they did observe an entirely different and significant benefit. What they found was that people who drank at least 4 cups of full-caffeine coffee on a daily basis for six months experienced an overall body fat reduction of almost 4 percent.

Caffeine Promotes Body Fat Loss

The study’s author was Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Department of Nutrition postdoctoral fellow Derrick Johnston Alperet.  He highlighted the surprise of the research team in discovering that the caffeine in enough coffee could help make weight loss easy.  “We were indeed surprised by the observed weight loss that was specifically due to fat mass loss among coffee drinkers,” he said.

He also made it clear that the lost body fat was unlikely to have had anything to do with other lifestyle changes such as diet and physical activity.  Instead, he and the research team felt that the fat loss was the result of the “metabolic reaction” caused by the caffeine in coffee drinkers’ bodies.  This led the metabolic process to increase, producing a meaningful rise in fat burning, which led to a measurable reduction in body fat levels without any other specific efforts to reach that goal. As this experiment showing that caffeine can help to make it easy to lose weight was only six months long, the researchers recommend further research in order to repeat the results and better understand the benefit of this stimulant on fat burning.

How to Lose Weight Safely with FENFAST 375 Support

safe weight loss with fenfast 375

If you’re ready to work toward a healthier you, supporting your efforts to lose weight safely with FENFAST 375 may be precisely the step your strategy has been missing until now.  After all, losing weight can be far more challenging than it sounds.

When you think about it, changing what you eat and becoming more physically active doesn’t necessarily sound hard.  It sounds inconvenient and perhaps not necessarily pleasant. That said, it doesn’t sound difficult…until you try it.