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Why Dessert After Dinner is the Worst and When to Indulge

eating dessert after dinner Tradition dictates that you should eat your dinner first, and then have dessert. But is it truly right to have dessert after dinner?

It turns out that this is actually one of the worst things that you can do, especially if you are hoping to lose weight or maintain your healthy weight. Check out the information below to learn more and to find out when the right time to indulge really is.

Have Dessert After Lunch

You shouldn’t be eating your dessert before you have your dinner, as you will end up filling up on the sweets and you won’t have room for the healthy meal. Instead, you should start enjoying your dessert after you’ve had your lunch.

This is the best way to burn off the dessert’s calories for the rest of the afternoon until it’s time to have dinner. In other words, rather than having dessert after dinner at the end of the day, when you’re ready to relax and then head off to bed, you can have your dessert at a time of day during which you will be active. This means that the dessert will be burned off and it won’t affect your weight.

Don’t Eat Dessert Immediately Following Your Lunch

While it is great to eat dessert after lunch, you shouldn’t have it right after you have finished your meal. This could leave you feeling uncomfortably bloated. On the other hand, you also wouldn’t want to eat your dessert on an empty stomach because that will cause your blood sugar level to spike as your body absorbs the dessert quickly.

The solution? Wait about one hour after you have had lunch to eat your dessert. After you have enjoyed a balanced, healthy meal, your body will begin absorbing those nutrients, and your blood sugar will remain stable rather than spiking like it would on an empty stomach.

Other Helpful Guidelines

To prevent your dessert from ruining your waistline, drink plenty of water while you indulge. This will help fill you up sooner so you will eat less of the dessert.

You should also make it a point to get up and move after having dessert so that your body won’t be able to absorb all of the fat and calories from your dessert.

And, finally, by taking a product like FenFast 375, you can keep your weight management in check while enjoying your post-lunch dessert every day.