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Fun Fitness Things to Do Outdoors in the Fall

Get active Outdoors in the Fall When the temperatures start to cool, heading outdoors in the fall can be one of the best times of year for fitness. After all, it takes longer to get overheated, the breeze is refreshing, but it isn’t yet too cold to be comfortable. For those of us with summer allergies, fall can provide fantastic relief.

Here are some fantastic things to do outdoors in the fall to boost fitness and have some fun:

Ride your bike – this is one of the greatest times of the year to get your bike out and cycle around. You can enjoy some time in the city or head out on the trails for a breath of nature.

Enjoy the weather outdoors in the fall while you take in the colors of the changing leaves and the relief from the summer left behind. Whether you have a sunny day or it’s a bit overcast, it can provide a great experience to get out and enjoy working on your fitness at the same time.

Don’t just walk. Hike! – even if you have been going for brisk walks every morning before the heat of the day kicks in during the summer, a hike can be a great way to change things up. You’ll enjoy a completely different experience and use different muscles than those you use on a sidewalk. Find a nearby trail and hike through grass, trees, shorelines and other great scenery. You’ll find yourself getting fitter and calmer simultaneously.

Paddle a boat – whether you’ve never done it before or you’re quite experienced, the fall can be an excellent time to go out in a rowboat, canoe or kayak. It may involve the same activity but it offers a completely different experience and view from the one you could have seen over the summer months.

Pick your own – with the fall comes a beautiful time of harvest at many local farms. Head out to pick some local produce on your own or with family or friends. You can pick apples, pumpkins, or whatever else happens to be in season in your part of the country. Not only will this be great exercise, but it will also encourage you to make some healthful meals with the fresh fruits and veggies you bring home.

Take advantage of these activities as soon and as often as you can. Fall is beautiful, but it doesn’t last. Feel like you just don’t have the energy? You don’t have to miss you. Just choose FenFast 375 to boost your energy, focus and healthy metabolic support.