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10 Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Good for Heart Health

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Fruits and veggies are a delicious and essential part of our everyday diets. They help us to stay healthy on the inside and look great on the outside. They can be added to nearly any recipe and, if eaten responsibly, can help us to lose weight as well. As though that were not enough, it turns out that fruits and vegetable are good for heart health, too.

Your Heart Health Loves Fruits and Vegetables

Here’s why heart health benefits from the fruits and vegetables you’re eating on a regular basis.  If you’re not getting enough servings of this food group per day, here’s why it’s time to think about eating more of them!

1. High in Essential Vitamins

In order for your heart to work properly, it is going to need a healthy dose of essential vitamins. When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you are offering your heart what it needs to stay strong for a lifetime. Although other foods are important as well, it turns out that fruits and veggies are among the best for heart health.

Fruits and veggies alike are packed with vitamins, typically in a low-calorie format.  Try to make half of every meal or snack a fruit or vegetable-based selection.  This makes it easy to ensure that by the end of the day, you’ve had enough servings of exactly what your wellness needs.

2. Plenty of Mineral Power for Heart Health

Your heart needs more than a load of vitamins to make it pump with conviction. It needs plenty of minerals as well, and those can easily be found in most fruits and vegetables. Some have more than others, so be sure to look around before you buy.

Making sure that you eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables to be sure you get the minerals you need for heart health.  If you love eating an apple every day, go for it (it keeps the doctor away, after all), but try to eat a selection of different fruits and veggies throughout the rest of your day and week.

3. Packed with Vital Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of heart health. The fiber contained in an average serving of fruits or vegetables can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease over time, not to mention make it easier for you to lose weight. Ask your doctor for more information if you need more information.

Fiber plays a substantial role in your regularity, but also your hunger levels and blood sugar levels, among other things.  Keeping up a healthy amount of fiber consumption each day can help you to feel more satisfied by your meals and snacks, avoid bloating and constipation, and even help you to control cholesterol levels among other challenges. If you’ve been eating a relatively low fiber diet until now, increase gradually to avoid shocking your system and spending the day in the bathroom.

4. Promotes a Healthy Weight

As mentioned, fruits and vegetables are great for weight loss, which could help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Because they typically offer high vitamin and mineral content without having a lot of unwanted calories, fruits and vegetables can make your weight loss endeavors much easier.

Indirectly, this further supports your heart health because keeping a healthy body weight is a fantastic way to keep your ticker ticking at its best.

5. Assists in Blood-Pressure Management

It turns out that eating plenty of fruits and veggies is good for blood-pressure management as well, which is entirely good news for those with heart health problems.

6. Chock Full of Antioxidants

Recent studies have shown that antioxidants are essential to overall heart health and longevity.  Of course, these can also help in many other areas such as in cancer prevention, mental health and other important areas of wellness.  When it comes to eating foods packed with antioxidants, it’s hard to find a way that it won’t benefit you.

7. Can Be More Filling

If you eat a lot of fruits and veggies, you will likely eat less junk. This could lead to better habits that ultimately improve the health of your cardiovascular system.  Just make sure to drink lots of water to go with it.  This will boost the benefits even further and you’ll love the way it helps to avoid feeling hangry when you know you’ve had enough food.

8. Balances Blood-Sugar Levels

Certain fruits and vegetables are great for people with blood-sugar problems, making them ultimately wonderful for heart health improvement, weight management, and increased well-being overall.

9. Improves Mood

Good foods make us feel good inside, which could ultimately translate to less stress and thereby improve the condition of your heart.

10. Reduces Sodium Intake

When we eat certain foods, we ingest a lot of unwanted sodium. Not a problem when you eat lots of fruits and veggies! A diet that is low in sodium can improve heart health over time.