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Why Take on a 7 Day Weight Loss Planning Session?

7 Day Weight Loss Planning

Why is it worthwhile to take on a 7 day weight loss planning session? Does a week sound like a long time to devote to creating your strategy when you have Google in your hand to do it for you? Remember that one of the main keys to your successful goal achievement is acknowledging that there isn’t a single plan that will work for everyone. Because of that, even if you find a program that decides the steps for you, it’s still worthwhile to make sure it will be customized to your unique lifestyle, medical needs, preferences and weight loss expectations.

What Goes into Your 7 Day Weight Loss Planning Effort?

There are a few steps that you should make sure you take during the 7 day planning effort you put into your weight loss strategy.

Spend 7 Days Finding Out About YOUR Weight Loss Needs

This is best done with a doctor’s help.  Even a telehealth appointment can provide you with guidance you couldn’t get anywhere else.  This will help you to know your ideal weight range, how fast you should lose the weight and the overall strategy that will likely be best for your unique needs.  It will take your lifestyle and medical history into consideration.  These are critical things to know at the start of your 7 day weight loss planning.

Set Achievable Goals

Goals are among the greatest motivators to make sure you get on track and keep going.  It’s a good idea to have long term and short term goals. Make them challenging but achievable.  Be sure that you’ll be able to healthfully achieve these goals – which will likely involve losing 1 to 2 pounds per week – but don’t make it so easy on yourself that you won’t feel the need to push yourself to actually get the job done. If you’re too easy on yourself, you’ll find that you get nowhere fast.

Diet First, Workouts Second

Your 7 day weight loss strategy planning should involve diet and exercise.  Your diet is the factor that will have the biggest impact on your rate of weight loss.  That said, exercise will be vital to supporting the process. Moreover, you will want to be fitter and have workouts as a part of your regular lifestyle once the weight is gone because exercise becomes the most important factor for preventing the pounds from climbing back on once they’re gone.