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There is No One Best Weight Loss Diet for Everyone – Here’s Why

No Best Weight Loss Diet for Everyone

These days, it feels like we’re all looking for the best weight loss diet for everyone.  With obesity having reached epidemic proportions, trying to find that one key to healthy body mass has become an obsession among the medical industry, those who could profit from such a discovery, and among people who need to lose the pounds.

That said as of yet, there doesn’t appear to be one single best weight loss diet for everyone.  The obesity crisis continues on, and there isn’t a specific solution to help us overcome it.  Still, this doesn’t mean that all is lost.  There are certainly effective means for overcoming obesity and for losing weight even if you’re overweight and not obese.  There are also ways to help maintain a healthy body weight.  The key is in accepting that you need to find the right one for yourself. We all have the right combination of techniques that work for us.

The Obesity Crisis

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), about 40 percent of the American adult population has obesity.  Equally, 19 percent of American children and adolescents suffer from this condition.

These individuals suffer from a heightened risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and a spectrum of other negative health impacts.  Without the one best weight loss diet for everyone, it can be very hard for doctors to know what guidance to provide their patients.

The Deception of the Best Weight Loss Diet for Everyone

As a recommendation for a population, there is a single best weight loss diet for everyone.  Essentially, calorie control plus physical activity makes it possible to drop the pounds and keep them off.  Eat the right amount of food based on the amount of exercise you get in the typical day and you’ll burn off excess fat, then maintain that healthy body weight over time.

Though this sounds like a simple plan, an individual is not the same as a general population.  As a recent New York Times report pointed out, once you reach the level of an individual, there are “a seeming infinitude of variables” which impact what we eat and our body’s response to that food.

The reason that there isn’t one best weight loss diet for everyone is that obesity isn’t actually a single thing.  It “is not one disease,” explained Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, a nutrition and medicine professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill quoted in the report.

Treating obesity and excess weight has less to do with trying to find a single trick or technique.  Instead, biology, behavior, society, culture and policy must all be taken into account.  Mayer-Davis explained that failing to consider even one of those components can make an intervention less likely to work.  She underscored that the same diet can even impact identical twins differently, and these are people with an identical genetic code and whose upbringings were likely quite similar.

Experts are now attempting to examine multiple methods and strategies to be included among the many types of best weight loss diet for everyone that doctors may one day prescribe.  Instead of trying to design a single structure, there is a wider pursuit that takes multiple influences and avenues into account.