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10 Moves to Build Killer Legs at Home without Equipment

build killer legs at homeWhen you think about leg day training, you’re likely picturing yourself at a gym. We usually think that a good leg workout requires equipment. It’s true that a stair climber, a leg press or even a squat bar can make a killer leg workout an obvious one. That said, as much as they do work, they’re not a requirement.

It’s possible for you to work out all the major muscles in your legs without a single piece of equipment. Instead, you can finish a killer leg workout from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a chair and know how to use the right moves to turn your own bodyweight into the equipment you require to get the job done. With that and some drive, you’ll burn fat and work the muscles in your inner thighs, calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads.

The following are 10 excellent moves to build killer legs without requiring a single piece of gym equipment:

1. Pistol Squats – Aim for a 90 degree knee bend with these moves as you practice over time. These are very challenging, but set your goal to achieve this as you progress.

2. Reverse Lunges (with knee lifts) – Again, your goal will be a knee bend of 90 degrees, but give your knees a good thrust toward your chest as you stand. Do everything deliberately to get the most out of each motion.

3. Inverted Inner Thigh Opener – Great for working the inside of your legs, an area that doesn’t get that much attention during your everyday life activities. Do each motion slowly to give your muscles the best workout.

4. Single-Leg Calf Raises – Keep your core tight throughout this workout for improved balance and better results in your legs.

5. Bodyweight Squats – Truly squeeze your muscles while keeping your core tight during this move, particularly as you stand back up again. This gives it a powerful impact on your muscles.

6. Plié Squat (with calf raises) – Continue your squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, while you’re in the squat, raise both your heels off the ground, holding for a couple of seconds to boost the challenge.

7. High Knee Toe Taps – Do this move with a chair, bench or box to make it the most effective. Some people use stairs, but that can make it difficult for your foot to reach while keeping the right posture.

8. Squat Jumps – Use your entire body as you jump, from your legs all the way through your arms.

9. Side Lunges – Though this may be about your legs, keep your core tight and chest lifted as you complete the move.

10. Curtsy Lunges – As you achieve the low lunch, push through your heel when you stand back up again. It allows you to access and work additional muscles.