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The Latest Research on the Consequences of Eating Meat

research about Consequences of Eating Meat If you feel as though the latest research on nutrition and eating right is changing all the time, you are not alone. The reality is that one week you’ll hear that something is good for you, and then the next you will find that it’s harmful. What are you supposed to believe? When you hear the same recurring theme over and over again, however, then it’s enough to make you stand up and take notice. One such thing that comes up over and over again is the undesirable and unsavory consequences of eating meat, and therefore you may want to pay attention to this.

You may have heard at some point that red meat could be good for you or that it was perfectly fine as part of your diet.

The truth though is that current research is much in line with what we learned years back, and therefore it’s not necessarily your friend. There’s a reason why so many health trends are promoting at least one meatless day per week, for there are plenty of other healthier types of protein. You can enjoy the benefits of protein in a much healthier way, for many are finding that eating meat simply doesn’t offer enough benefits for the many potential drawbacks.

You have to decide for yourself but you do want to be aware what the latest research says about the sometimes nasty consequences of eating meat. These can be very eye opening and therefore you may want to opt for other protein sources that are healthier and more natural for you.

It may actually harden your vessels over time: This is the very reason why they say that red meat can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you continue to eat red meat over time and do so frequently, then you may find that it can actually harden your blood vessels. This might not sound like a problem initially but what this means is that you are likely to suffer from some sort of heart problem from it later on. By cutting red meat out of your life you greatly lessen the potential risk of hardening your blood vessels and ensure that you help to protect your heart health and your overall well-being.

It may actually cause you to live a shorter life: The latest statistics say that those who eat red meat regularly will often suffer from a shorter life span. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the undesirable consequences of eating meat then nothing else will! This says that by making red meat a regular part of your diet you are going to live a shorter and likely less healthy life, particularly as compared to those who eat other protein sources. You want to be certain to cut this out if you have other health problems that you are coping with.

You may not be exactly sure of what you are getting and it may not be good: This is a more indirect problem but something to consider nonetheless. If you eat red meat you can’t always be sure of what you are consuming. Many experts have found that the more meat that you eat the more scrap that you are getting. You could get old or “repurposed” meat from expired products, or you may have cuts of meat that seem fine but that utilize scraps. Either situation is not ideal for your health and certainly isn’t appetizing either.

You may very well harm your short term and long term health: If you still feel unsure then know that one of the horrible consequences of eating meat is that you could harm your health in so many different ways. You may end up with E. coli in the short term and get sick more often. In the long term if you eat red meat often you may end up with high blood pressure or cholesterol, heart disease, or any other number of health problems, and so prevention and changing your ways is key to your success.