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These Dangerous Fat Burning Pills Could Kill You

3 Dangerous Fat Burning PillsThe weight loss industry can be a wild place at times. While there are huge sections of it that are wonderful, supportive, healthy and helpful, there is a slice of this industry created by companies selling dangerous fat burning pills that could do far more harm than good. These companies target people who are desperate to get ahead of their weight loss. The obesity epidemic is plaguing millions of people across the country, and the challenges associated with overcoming it can make people seek additional help.

The Most Dangerous Fat Burning Pills Include:

  • Subutramine
  • Ephedra
  • Clenbuterol

Why are Dangerous Fat Burning Pills a Problem?

The reason this is such a problem is that while many dangerous fat burning pills are easy to recognize, there are several that have been strategically marketed in order to make them seem much safer, more effective and more legal than they actually are. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing weight loss tablets or capsules to help you with your own efforts, it’s a very good idea to get a better understanding of the types of products you should avoid before you place your health at risk.

Indeed, there are many products that can actually help you, but unless you know how to spot them from among the potentially dangerous fat burning pills you could unknowingly place your health at risk. Consider the following types of product you should be avoiding.


This prescription drug, also sold under the brand name of Meridia, was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 2010 after the FDA recommended it. This drug was associated with mild assistance for dieters but was also linked with health threatening and potentially life-threatening side effects. There was a wide spectrum of unwanted side effects linked with this medication and sudden death cases were also reported. That said, this drug appears in certain illegal and dangerous fat burning pills now and again which can be found online. Sometimes the ingredient is listed, other times it isn’t. Be sure to purchase only from trustworthy companies to avoid accidentally ingesting this substance.


Whether listed as ephedra, ephedrine, ma huang or other names, this ingredient was finally banned by the FDA in 2005 following reports of dangerous side effects. This substance, which was used for weight loss and performance enhancing, was associated with several deaths, including at least one high profile case of a professional athlete. Regardless of whether a diet pill company claims its version of ephedra is legal or not, it is not. Don’t trust it.


Also more commonly known as just Clen, Spiropent, or Ventipulmin, this substance is illegal in the United States. Its side effects include chest pains, arrhythmia, dangerously high and low blood pressure and other life-threatening reactions. These dangerous fat burning pills should be avoided at all costs.