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How to Make Anything You Want Yours According to Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington's Make Anything You Want Yours StepsDo you want the secret to make anything you want yours? Of course, you do. We all do! While nobody has the complete answer, one man can bring you pretty close: Denzel Washington.

The man is a legend for his performances but also for inspiring others. He has won three Golden Globes, two Oscars and is worth an estimated $150 million. Furthermore, his attitude can help you make anything you want yours.

Make Anything You Want Yours: The Real Deal

It would be easy to roll your eyes and wonder what Denzel Washington knows about struggle. After all, he’s got it all. He’s attractive, wealthy, talented and successful. How could he know what the rest of us go through? How could he help you make anything you want yours when the world has been a gift to him?

The truth of the matter is that he hasn’t always had it easy. He has lived in poverty and has worked hard in his life. In his early twenties, he held down two full-time simultaneous jobs as a postal carrier and a garbage collector. Washington never complained about his situation. Instead, he worked hard and was smart about his choices.

Let Denzel Washington Inspire You

If you want to make anything you want yours, take Denzel Washington’s words to heart. Here are a few to inspire you. These can motivate you regardless of whether you want to lose weight to look better or to achieve better health. Let them drive you to complete a better workout or enjoy nutrient packed meals every day.


 “Without commitment you will never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you will never finish.”

Any successful weight loss strategy requires commitment. If you’re not dedicated to sticking to your new habits to reach your goal, you won’t get there. Commit to your goal and follow through.

“Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Denzel Washington is one of many people who have made that statement about how to make anything you want yours. Failure stinks, but it’s valuable. It may boost the challenge, but it lets you learn more about how to do things right. Failing isn’t failure. Only giving up is failure. Failing and learning from it to improve is a win.

“Dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment.”

Dreams are wonderful things. However, without goals to make them actionable, they feel like one more thing you’ve never achieved. Make your dreams help you not hurt you. Find out how to make anything you want yours and act on it.

“Have Goals, yearly Goals, monthly goals, daily goals. I try to give myself a goal every day.”

Give yourself something to aim for. Once you do, go get it. Drive yourself forward, whether it’s to reach a certain step count, stay within a calorie limit or avoid that mid-afternoon doughnut. Use goals strategically and you can make anything you want yours.