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Clever Weight Loss Team Names to Motivate Your Support Group

Tips for Weight Loss Team Names

Coming up with especially clever weight loss team names can provide you and those in your healthy lifestyle group with surprising motivation.  It may sound like it’s too simple to do anything beneficial, but the advantages are real.

How to Come Up with Great Weight Loss Team Names

Of course, for weight loss team names to truly work their magic, you need to find ideas that appeal to the entire group. They can be purely motivational, witty, or downright funny.  The key is to make them something with which you’ll all feel connected.  That way, you’ll all reap the benefits of what you’ve chosen and will let it move your progress forward together.

To do this properly, you’ll first need to consider who is in your group. That way, your ideas for your group title will be applicable and appropriate.  Are your teammates:

  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Co-workers?
  • Part of a gym or weight loss club?

Next, it’s time to come to a mutual agreement regarding what should and should not be included in your prospective weight loss team names. Consider whether you want something descriptive, funny, sarcastic, or based on some other theme.  Decide whether your goal should be a part of the name itself. 

Great Features to Include

Remember that winning is your goal. Your weight loss team names should honor that.  This is especially true when there is a specific challenge involved, not just reaching targets on the bathroom scale.  Features that can help that include:

  • Playful terms such as “Dump the Rump”
  • Word play such as “Belly Flat”
  • Subtle references such as “New Dimensions” or “Downsizing”
  • Classics such as “Skinny Minnies”

Features to Carefully Avoid

Just as there are themes that are great to include in weight loss team names, there are also features that are best left excluded.  These are especially important when it comes to negativity.  Avoid names such as “Uglies” or “Fatties” or any other combination of discouraging and derogatory terms. Remember that the name is meant to be motivational. This will hardly be the case if you’re cutting your current selves down.

Equally, try not to be too boring. Nobody will feel connected with “Team 3” or the “Blue Team”.  There’s nothing specifically wrong with that kind of label, but it certainly won’t push you forward like “Mission Slim-Possible”!

Give yourselves time to select your weight loss team name together. That way, you’ll find just the right option to appeal to the whole group.