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What to Look for in Great Weight Loss YouTube Channel

Weight Loss YouTube Channel

Sharing someone else’s journey can be highly inspirational, which explains why the right weight loss YouTube channel can make a motivational difference. Of course, what inspires you may not be the same as the best option for someone else.  The good news is that there are tons of options out there.  Even better news? You don’t need to stick to just one.  If you like two, three, or four creators, nothing is stopping you from subscribing to each one.

What Makes a Great Weight Loss YouTube Channel?

There are many different factors that can make a weight loss YouTube channel a good one.  These differ from one person to the next, but there are some features you can watch for to find options that will best suit your need for motivation and entertainment.

Consider the Following Features of a Good Creator

  • Not selling anything – There is nothing wrong with talking about products or marketing products on YouTube. This can make it a great platform for learning information about products you might want to try.  However, when you’re looking to follow a weight loss YouTube channel, you’ll usually find that it’s individuals who aren’t selling anything that are the most relatable. This is because you can trust that they’re talking about their experience with a product just to share the information. They’re not saying anything for the purpose of making a sale. This is the same whether the channel is selling a product, whether it’s a sponsored video, or whether the creator is an affiliate.
  • Relatable – A creator can be relatable in a number of ways.  You may find that the individual is using the same dieting or fitness techniques as you. They may be facing similar challenges.  Or, you may simply find that even though they are using different methods and are facing different challenges, they still somewhat reflect the way you are feeling overall.  This connection is important so that you can feel the motivation and inspiration from the creator for your own experience.
  • Honest – Although it can feel as though the most motivational and inspirational weight loss YouTube channels must be those that are the most positive, many people find that honesty is more important.  It can be better to feel as though you’re watching someone go through ups and downs than to simply achieve success.  This is because watching someone struggle but pick themselves up, keep going and then become successful can help you to know that even if you’re facing your own hard time, you’ll get through it and still have success ahead of you.