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Hate Exercising? Use these Workout Strategies to Get Results Anyway

Workout Strategies When You Hate Exercising When you think about workout strategies, do you cringe? Do you get frustrated with the fact that you can’t get the motivation to go for a run like other people? Does a gym membership sound completely out of the question to you?

You may feel like you’re alone in hating workout strategies, but you’re not. The good news is that even if you’d rather do nearly anything than exercise, you can still get results. There are fun activities out there for you to enjoy. You just have to be willing to try them. You may not like what you’ve tried so far, but the key is to keep trying!

The Importance of Workout Strategies You Love

Whether you hate ever exercise you’ve ever tried, or you just don’t get that post-workout endorphin boost, the odds are you haven’t found the right workout strategies for you. Starting now, stop thinking of exercise as any activity you do. Your health requires you to be active, so you need to get moving. The key is to find effective ways to work it into your life without thinking of it as the exercise you hate.

Sitting for long periods of time places you at an increased risk of death from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, as well as different forms of lung, liver and kidney diseases. If that weren’t enough, it also raises your chances of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and mental health disorders. Prolonged sitting refers to sitting for six hours per day or more. It is linked with a 19 percent higher rate of death from those illnesses than you’d experience if you sat for only 3 hours per day.

Motivation to Find Your Match

If you’re currently sitting for at least six hours per day, you’re not doomed. You also don’t need a gym membership to save yourself from the risk of those medical problems. Instead, start giving the following types of activities a try. Keep trying new activities until you find one – or several – that you like.

You might find that taking on these types of workout strategies will add more fun to your life. In fact, you might also discover new hobbies and even new friends that will only improve your life further. Does this mean you’ll be doing fitness boot camp drills all the time? Not unless you find you like them. Instead, there are many other kinds of options for you to test out.

Try These Fun Workout Strategies

Instead of traditional exercise workouts, consider some of the following exercise strategies to get moving more: video game workout (nearly every console has them), the local batting cage, the local driving range, jumping rope, playing tag with your kids, playing Frisbee with your kids, swimming at the local pool, or taking your neighbor’s dog for a walk.