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18 Tips for Your 2018 Weight Loss Resolution Strategy

2018 weight loss resolution tipsMany people think of the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to make a fresh start. When we consider how much we typically break away from any healthful parts of our lifestyles in order to celebrate the holidays, the new year truly does present a great chance to get things on the right track.

If you’ve decided to choose a weight loss strategy as your New Year’s resolution for 2018, there are certain things you might want to try in order to give yourself a better chance than the millions of people who will give up on their resolutions before reaching their goals. Know that you’re going to be successful and that you’ll achieve results over the long term by using these 18 tips to help you out:

1. Set specific goals – The more precise you are, the better you’ll be able to take aim, track your progress and visualize your success.

2. Be ready for plateaus – They will happen, so have a plan in place to help yourself to cope with them and overcome them as quickly as possible.

3. Get to love cardio – Many people dread getting on a treadmill. If that’s the case, then that’s not the equipment for you. Find cardio you love so you’ll be happy to keep it up.

4. Sleep more – Make a priority of getting a good sleep every night. Better sleep makes it easier for you to keep up with a diet and easier for your body to shed excess weight.

5. Pay attention to drinks – Stop spiking your calories every day by drinking soda, juices and alcohol. Choose water, tea (without milk or sweetener), or black coffee and save daily calories.

6. Join a gym – Find a gym that you like and that is extremely convenient to access. Shop around and take your time to find the perfect one. Read reviews.

7. Go to the gym – Joining the gym is one thing. Actually going and using the classes and equipment is something else altogether. Work the gym into your schedule and stick to it.

8. Hydrate better – If you want to control your appetite and burn fat as fast as possible, drink lots of water. It is a quick way to make sure your body runs at its best.

9. Tone your muscles – Don’t forget to work on strength training. Lean muscle will help you to burn far more calories than your body otherwise would.

10. Pay attention to your motivation – Learn great techniques to motivate yourself to keep going.

11. Eat cleanly – Eat less junk food and replace it with whole foods to boost the nutrient density of your meals and encourage better fat burning in your body.

12. Prepare your own meals – If you want to make sure you’re getting the best nutrition, start cooking your own meals much more often instead of getting take-out or eating out.

13. Cope with stress – Unplug from your technology and learn effective stress management.

14. Fill up on veggies – Snack on veggies and cover half your meal plates in vegetables.

15. Slash added sugar – Reduce your added sugar intake to improve fat burning processes.

16. Make your first goal 10 pounds – It is a more achievable goal then the total. When you achieve it, re-set your goal to a new amount.

17. Count your steps – Get a fitness tracker and let it encourage you to move more.

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