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3 Tips for Keeping Hunger Away on a Diet

keep hunger away on a dietIf you ask anybody what the worst part of dieting is, they’ll likely come up with quite a list, but when asked to choose only one, hunger will nearly always rise to the top. After all, when we need to cut back on our daily caloric intake, it can mean that we’re not eating as much food as we used to, particularly as we learn about the foods we should be eating and that will allow us larger quantities to fill us up.

So before you’ve mastered your new way of eating, what can you do to keep your hunger away while still sticking to your healthy eating habits for weight loss? Here are three fantastic and expert backed strategies to help you to master your hunger so you can focus on more important things in your life.

1. Eat early and eat big – You’ve heard that breakfasts are the most important meal of the day? Now they’re about to become the biggest meal of the day, too. Researchers at the University of Texas at El Paso found that when people ate their largest meal at the start of the day, they would eat 5 percent fewer calories overall when compared to those who ate their biggest meal at the end of the day. Even if that means only around 100 calories per day fewer than normal, that does add up. Over time, you’ll lose more weight than you might have if you were eating increasingly large meals. Over a year, it equates to another 10 pounds of weight loss. If you really can’t eat a lot of breakfast, divide it between a breakfast and a mid-morning snack. Just don’t forget to eat a smaller dinner to balance it off.

2. Use the right scents to trick your sweet tooth – If you find that you’re continually thinking about eating candy, cakes, chocolate and other sweet treats, you can sometimes help to control that urge simply by using the right aromatherapy. Vanilla, for example helps many people to overcome that inclination to eat sweet things, particularly sweet and creamy such as cakes with frosting, cheesecakes or ice cream.

3. Snack with a strategy – We all know that it isn’t a good idea to snack on jelly beans, candy bars and chips if we’re trying to eat healthfully and lose weight. Instead, look to tasty, filling and easy foods to satisfy those hunger pangs. The more nutrient rich they are, the better because they will keep you feeling fuller longer, particularly if they contain lean protein or fiber.