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The Best Workout Shoes for Every Kind of Exercise ​

best workout shoes for every exerciseAs much as it would be nice if cross trainers really were the best workout shoes for each exercise you do, that’s typically not the case. No matter what gym activity you happen to use or which sport you enjoy to blast the fat, there is footwear out there that will be perfect for you.

That said, just because a brand claims to have the best workout shoes for you, it doesn’t mean that’s what they are. Moreover, there isn’t a single shoe that is ideal for every foot. Finding the right pair is a combination of knowing the best models and then trying them on so you can see which ones best suit your feet, your comfort preferences and your workout needs.

Consider the following to help you find the best workout shoes for your favorite exercises:

· Walking – whether you’re just strolling along with your dog or power walking for serious fat burning in the morning, New Balance 895 is a gorgeous walking shoe with flexibility while being super lightweight. They provide stability without being too stiff in the midsole. The outsole’s unique design offers an extra bounce to each step.

· Hiking – When a protective hiking shoe is what you need, the Solomon Women’s Ellipse is an excellent option. It has a rugged toe cap with a protective runner heel. This makes it great for fast motion along woods or mountains without dragging your feet or running the risk of injury. These shoes feel sleek and lightweight letting you remain quick and dexterous while on or off trails.

· Pilates – A growing number of people are tossing their shoes while doing Pilates, in order to be able to fine tune their form. Sometimes, the slightest twist of the ankle makes all the difference in superior performance. For that reason, Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks have become favorites among Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts. They protect the feet from whatever is on the floor where you attend your Pilates class and fit your feet like gloves so you have full range of motion. The non-slip feature gives you everything you’d been looking for in shoes, but without the need for them. Most people buy one size smaller than they usually would for a truly skin-tight feel and lack of slipping fabric.

· Weightlifting – The New Balance Minimus Trainer provides a great deal of security with a non-slip sole. These provide a sense of being securely in contact with the ground without the exposure of being barefoot.

· Spin class – The sole is the most important part of a shoe you wear to spin class. It needs to be the perfect balance between stiffness and softness so you will not work against your own efforts on each pedal stroke. The Shimano R088 is a current favorite with a ratcheting buckle for the most customized possible fit. This helps to enhance security and stability without taking away from the pedaling action.​