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Coffee for Weight Loss: Is Your Favorite Morning Beverage Helping Your Diet?

Coffee for Weight Loss Thermogenesis

Using coffee for weight loss has become a hot topic once again.  This is a subject that isn’t really anything new.  It has made its way into the headlines off and on for decades.  However, this time there has been a substantial difference to the justification for talking about it once again.  This time, there has been a considerable study to support the claims.

What Experts Say About Coffee for Weight Loss

Recent research shows that coffee for weight loss may be helpful.  The key isn’t necessarily in the coffee itself, but in the caffeine,  it contains and in the right amount. The study showed that this favorite morning beverage can help to boost thermogenesis and stimulate the brown fat in the body. 

Some believe that this discovery should be considered a weight loss research breakthrough. This could be very helpful to dieters and may redefine the ingredients in quality diet pills.

How is Brown Fat Affected?

University of Nottingham researchers used both male and female human volunteers to examine the potential connection between coffee and weight loss through brown fat.  What they found was that brown fat cells – which are different from regular white body fat cells – are stimulated to produce more heat than they naturally do.

Thermogenesis, that is, body heat production, is appealing to dieters because it means that your body will use more calories or body fat as fuel to produce heat. That’s exactly what caffeine in coffee was found to do. It stimulated the brown fat on the participants’ bodies so much that thermal imaging showed a clear difference.

This extra heat means that the body is burning more calories or stored body fat.  This means that dieters who are already eating right and exercising regularly will enjoy an additional burn.  As dieters know, any additional advantage for losing weight is very appealing.

How Much Coffee for Weight Loss?

The researchers found that participants who had coffee with about 65 mg of caffeine – that is, a small or a very weak cup of coffee – had a notably higher brown fat temperature than those who drank water instead.  That one cup of coffee already made a difference to the rate at which the body burned calories.

While this impact won’t be enough to produce weight loss on its own for most people, it can add one more helpful component to a smart dieting strategy an individual is already using.