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5 Things You Should Know about Eating Zucchini

Eating ZucchiniThere are a lot of people who enjoy eating zucchini because they find it very delicious. It can be shaped into various forms and made into several different dishes as a standalone meal, or even fixed with other tasty foods as a side dish. Zucchini has been a staple on the plates of people all over the world for many years, but a responsible eater always finds out why. If you want to be as healthy and as knowledgeable about your diet as possible, then listen up.

1. Extremely Low in Calories

Eating zucchini may very well be the answer you have been looking for in terms of finding the best way to feel full and still manage to lose weight. Light and delicious, an entire serving of zucchini only has about 20 calories, which is about half as much as vegetables like broccoli and kale. A lot of people enjoy zucchini on a regular basis while some tend only to eat them during the holidays when caloric intake increases.

2. Great for Heart Health

Potassium is vital when it comes to controlling your blood pressure and cardiovascular health. According to recent studies, getting plenty of potassium can actually help to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Well, eating zucchini is a terrific way to boost your potassium in an all-natural way. In fact, one serving of fresh zucchini offers as much as 295 milligrams of potassium—great news for those who need to improve or wish to maintain their heart’s health.

3. Makes a Tasty Pasta Substitute

Use some yummy zucchini in place of that high-carb pasta and enjoy your favorite meal without ruining your diet. Zucchini is incredibly malleable, which means that it can be easily rolled into noodles or shaped into pockets to be stuffed. Get creative and start getting healthier by eating zucchini more often.

4. Versatility at Mealtime

Zucchini can be used for more than just making pastas. You can actually bend it, shape it, flavor it, and add it to almost any recipe. If you want to get healthy throughout the entire day by eating zucchini, see how many different meals you can make out of it.

5. The Entire Thing Is Edible

Stop chopping off those zucchini blossoms when you cook. Did you know that you can eat the whole vegetable, and that doing so is quite good for your health? Eating zucchini just became so much easier for you and your entire family.