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Irregular Heart Rhythms Caused by High Endurance Workouts

high endurance workouts and heart healthWe always hear that we should be pushing ourselves to get results, but high endurance workouts may not be right for everyone. The truth is that these are all about intensity, but almost at the highest and, sometimes, most damaging levels. Though they can offer some excellent health benefits, if you are prone to health problems then they may be off limits. The key is to get the most out of your workouts but to truly listen to, and remain in line with, what your body is telling you. If you can focus on the right type of workouts, then you will get results, and that’s what really matters here. It’s not only about working out hard but also about working out smart.

The problem with a lot of high endurance workouts is that they push you far too hard, too fast. If you have family history or are prone to heart problems, for instance, this can be a major issue. Some studies have found that pushing too hard with the endurance and intensity may contribute to irregular heart rhythms. Moving forward, that could contribute to even more serious heart problems. For somebody in this or another at-risk category, the more challenging workout that is asking too much from the body can really hurt you. Though you do want to push yourself, you want to be in tune with any health problems that could cause damage, and that holds especially true for heart health overall.

Simply Not For Everyone

Another problem with high endurance workouts is that they may be so taxing on the body that you get injured. In addition to irregular heart rhythms, you may find that these are simply too hard on the body. You may, for example, be able to run a short distance, but if you try for high endurance, you may find that it’s just too much. You can hurt the joints or muscles, cause heart problems, and end up having to stay away from working out altogether. It’s ultimately not worth the risk if you are already in compromised health, if you have a bad family history, or if you could become injured easily.

Yes, high endurance workouts may be enticing, but consider whether they will work well for you as an individual. If you suffer from any sort of health problems, or if you are somebody who will push too hard too fast, then skip them. You may find that intervals, which give quick, short bursts of intense workouts, serve as a much better alternative. Just be aware of what your body is trying to tell you and make the right choices in terms of fitness. If you can be mindful of this, then you will get the most out of each workout, and that’s the most important consideration of all.