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Experts Say: These Fitness Trends Are the Ones to Watch in 2019

Fitness Trends to Watch in 2019

There are fads that come and go but some fitness trends withstand the test of time because of the positive impact they can have. That said, spotting them can be challenging. It can be difficult to know the difference between something helpful and that you’ll keep up for a while, or something that is all claims and no results.

To help you find out what’s right for you, we’ve talked to the experts. Here are what some of them said are the best fitness trends for 2019.

Top Fitness Trends for 2019 According to the Experts

Wearable Technology

Sure, you’re likely not surprised to see that fitness trackers have made it into the top fitness trends list again this year. Now that they’re pretty much ubiquitous, these gadgets are more important than ever. This is especially true as a growing number of brands offer increasingly accurate, convenient and affordable options. Moreover, technology is coming further along and is being incorporated into more attractive options as well as waterproof products.


High Intensity Interval Training is a style of workout that was first popular in 2014 and has continued to climb the list in fitness trends. Last year, it took the top spot and there’s no mystery why. This strategy lets you use short bursts of high intensity exercise and periods of low intensity exercise or rest. This can give you the same results as a longer workout in a fraction of the time.

Seniors Fitness

Seniors are carving out some of the leading fitness trends this year. As the Baby Boomer generation enjoys its retirement, it isn’t interested in aging like past generations. They want to stay active, enjoy this part of their lives, keep up heart health, maintain bone density and take in the other rewards of a regularly active lifestyle. Seniors fitness includes everything from gentle yoga, aquafit and tai chi to certain types of boot camp, group running and spin classes.

Activity as Medicine

Though the popular expression in previous years has been that food is medicine, this year’s fitness trends have taken over. Now, food is joined by exercise as medicine. In 2019, self-care is topping the trends and using food, exercise, and sleep for mental and physical health are becoming a rising priority in our lives. It’s easy to understand why this trend is taking off as the results from regular activity are quick and easy to feel and see.