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Eat These High Calorie Holiday Treats in Moderation to Avoid Regret

High Calorie Holiday Treats to limit

The entire month of December can feel as though it’s raining high calorie holiday treats. They land all around you, no matter where you look. It’s impossible to avoid them and, to be honest, trying to stop yourself from eating any of them will only make you miserable. It will also likely lead to failure.

Yes, You Can Enjoy High Calorie Holiday Treats

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a few high calorie holiday treats now and again. The key is to do so in moderation. They are foods that should be enjoyed in small portions and quite selectively.

This time of the year is about indulgence, celebration and togetherness.  Part of what makes this season so great is that we are sharing high calorie holiday treats with family and friends.  It sounds a bit odd, but the truth of it is in the “treat” term.  It’s not something you are meant to eat a lot of or that you’re supposed to have all the time. This is something rare and special.

Therefore, there’s no reason to eliminate all high calorie holiday treats from your celebration this year unless you don’t actually enjoy them. If they don’t bring you joy or contribute to your celebrations, by all means remove them. However, if they bring a sense of fun, merriment, and nostalgia to your gatherings, then they certainly have a place.  Just remind yourself of that main secret about them: they’re treats, not something for you to eat in massive portions or all throughout the season.

How to Adopt a Healthy Attitude this Season

Instead of gorging on all the high calorie holiday treats you see, think of them in a different way this year.

Choose only the ones that you find the most delicious. Take a portion that gives you only one or two good bites – they’re the most pleasurable and the experience fades after that point. Take your time with each bite. Pay attention to the flavors and textures in your mouth. You might find that they are far more satisfying and pleasurable this way.

Which High Calorie Holiday Treats Should You Watch For?

If you’re wondering which of these foods are among those that should be eaten in moderation, consider the following list of December favorites:

  • Eggnog – Most people either love it or hate it. If you hate it, you’re set. If you love it, beware, especially if you add bourbon or another liquor to your drink. With ingredients such as whole cream, sugar and eggs, this rich beverage is a calorie nightmare. If you want to have one, have only one and make them rare.
  • Gingerbread cookies and houses – Ginger may be great for your health, but not when mixed with tons of sugar and flour. One serving can hit you with an added 300 calories. Take a bite or two, but don’t have much more than that if you want to keep your health and weight under control.
  • Candy canes – These may taste fresh and minty, but don’t forget that they’re nothing but a hard candy. They are nearly all artificially flavored, so don’t think you’re getting any healthy peppermint. Just count on eating lots of artificial colors, flavors and tons of sugar.
  • Ham – On top of the sugary glaze, Christmas ham is packed with salt. This can help you pack on both fat and water weight. It might be better to choose the turkey this year.
  • Fruit cake – We may all joke about this dessert, but most of us will eat some of it each year. This packs a huge calorie punch from even the tiniest piece. This year, take care not to take much more than a bite.