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Equipment You Need to Have in Your Home Gym

home gym essentialsToday’s economy is making us think twice about certain amenities in our lives. The idea of a home gym has become more and more popular as time passes, and people are becoming more apt to buy into the idea of having a home gym rather than investing in an annual gym membership. Some people feel that they are more likely to work out if they don’t have to travel to another location while others may feel the opposite way. This is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

How to Know What Equipment You Need in Your Home Gym

Ever notice that when you visit a home gym or attempt to set up your own, the equipment seems to be used once and then serve as a clothes hanger? One reason for this is that you have chosen the same equipment that everyone else has. You are more likely to find yourself in the mood to work out if you tailor your equipment to the exercises that you like to do and what you, personally, need to do to lose weight and tone up.

There are a few standard pieces of equipment that you need to have in order to accomplish certain things, though. A few different machines may serve the same purposes, as do certain all-in-one machines. Once you are sure about what you are looking to accomplish with your workout routine, then you can search for exactly the right product.

Equipment You Need to Have in Your Home Gym

There are several basic exercise movements in which you should really engage in order to keep get the results you want. First, you need a machine for cardio workout, including a way to warm up and cool down in addition to resistance training.

You could go the old-school route with a treadmill, or you could spring for an all-in-one machine. An all-in-one, like a Bowflex, will do the most for you and will also take up far less room in your basement or other home-gym area. It also costs far less than a treadmill. For toning, an all-in-one can also work; but for good spot-training and targeted muscle sculpting, you could certainly use free weights. The all-in-one or treadmill is there for cardio and resistance training, and will also tone, but they may not shape your muscles exactly the way you want them to.

Therefore, in terms of home gym equipment, you need cardio with strength or resistance training, which can be found in an all-in-one machine. Then, you can use free weights for toning. All of this equipment can be obtained for under a thousand dollars.