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Healthy Meal Ideas for Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

leftover Thanksgiving turkey ideasThere are a few things that we can always know for certain about Thanksgiving. The first is that “that” family member will say something that will cause the rest of the family to feel frustrated, embarrassed or completely baffled. The second is that everyone will eat way too much at dinner. The third is that there will be lots of leftover turkey to eat over the next few days.

For many families, the only option for leftover Thanksgiving turkey is re-heated turkey with re-heated leftover sides. Then, there is the traditional turkey hash that everyone has had at least once, whether they wanted to or not. Then there’s the turkey sandwich, which many of us make when we’ve pretty much given up on eating the same reheated meal yet again.

It’s such a shame that so many families have faced these boring leftovers year after year because turkey has a tremendous amount of potential. When it’s already cooked – as is the case with leftovers – the “hard part” is already done! With these leftovers you have everything you need for a high protein, low-fat and hugely flavorful meal to enjoy after the holidays.

Consider the following types of recipe that will have you buying an even bigger bird than usual, just to make sure you can try them all!

• Thai Turkey Curry – This spicy dish brings together your leftover turkey and sweet potatoes. Warm them up in a pan with some coconut milk and your favorite curry spices. Serve over rice and you’ll find yourself enjoying leftovers even more than the original Thanksgiving dinner.

• Turkey Lasagna – Whip out your favorite simple lasagna recipe and swap out the regular noodles for a whole grain variety. Use mozzarella made from skim milk and the best tomato sauce you can find. Between each layer of noodles, add sauce, cheese, pieces of turkey and spinach (except for the top layer which needs only sauce and cheese). This high fiber, protein packed meal is not just delicious but also crammed with nutrients.

• Turkey Tacos – Whether you like soft or crunchy tacos, a combination of black beans, leftover turkey, fresh avocado, tomato, cheese, sour cream and cilantro will work magic on your taste buds.

• Cranberry-turkey roll – Spread out a ball of pizza dough and add a layer of mozzarella cheese, leftover cranberry sauce, leftover turkey and spinach. Roll it up and bake it on a silicone baking liner on a cookie sheet. Slice it up for beautiful, tasty spirals.