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Is a Military Style Boot Camp Right for You?

Military Style Boot Camp ExperienceThe military style boot camp has been a growing trend for several years and it doesn’t look like it will be going away at any time soon. These can be an intimidating and yet highly appealing form of workout when you’re hoping to build endurance, strength and agility and to break away from the more traditional workout style.

Many people sign up for a military style boot camp in the hopes of giving themselves a challenge they will enjoy. It often helps people to push themselves to limits they wouldn’t otherwise reach for.

But is a military style boot camp right for you? That’s not always as easy to answer as “yes” or “no” as these workouts vary quite widely. Typically speaking, they involve a broad combination of cardio and strength training exercises. Some also include military-style drills while others include calisthenics.

The majority of these workouts will require you to do a certain number of pushups, pull-ups, crunches, lunges, sprints and drills. It’s what you think about when you imagine the kinds of exercises soldiers need to accomplish while they’re training. Expect to have to undergo bursts of intense activity peppered with lighter activity.

The purpose of completing these workouts is to work all the major muscle groups of the body while gaining aerobic exercise as well. The goal is to guild endurance and strength, which makes them appealing to people who want to reach those goals with challenge and variety, without needing special equipment and who want to exercise in a group setting.

That said, boot camp fitness workouts aren’t for everyone. They are usually best for people who have already achieved a certain degree of fitness. For anyone who hasn’t been exercising on a regular basis, these workouts can be too intense or challenging. While these workouts can be great for improving your fitness level, you usually need to be in shape to begin with in order to be able to complete them.

To know whether or not the workout is appropriate for you, take the time to investigate the workout. Ask about the structure of the workout and find out if there are any prerequisites. Take those recommendations seriously so you will know whether or not the offered program is appropriate for you.

Keep in mind that they are all different, so if you have a certain level of cardio fitness already, you can compare what’s out there. Just because one may be too intense, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there for you.

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