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Can Exercise Prevent Diabetes?

prevent diabetes with exerciseNo one wants to deal with diabetes. With this disorder you have to drastically change your diet and lifestyle in order to live and be healthy. Many people will work hard in order to avoid this disease. One of the first things that people ask is whether or not exercise prevent diabetes? Here is some information on this topic to help you determine how well exercise prevent diabetes.

Does it work?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that exercise, no matter what kind, is one of the best habits that you can take on in order to prevent issues with diabetes in your life.

A good mixture is best to prevent boredom or hurting yourself, but both can be really effective.

How does it reduce risk?
So how does exercise prevent diabetes? When you exercise, you are using up a lot of the sugars in your blood rather than just letting them sit there. You keep less fat on the body and create lean muscle in the process as well. This all adds up to help your blood sugars go down. Another great benefit is that when you are working out, you are less likely to eat foods that are bad for you, like sugars and salts. When you eat healthier because of the exercise, you will have fewer problems with diabetes down the road.

Effects on your blood sugars
Exercise is good at preventing diabetes because it can help keep blood sugars in check. When you exercise, your skeletal muscles will feel more sensitive to the insulin inside. Because of this, the exercise is going to clear out the glucose from your blood faster than normal. The glucose will leave the bloodstream, lowering blood sugars, and go into the skeletal muscles while they move around and work.

Effects on your fat metabolism
Having too much fat all around the body can also increase your risks of diabetes. Exercise can help because it will reduce the amount of fat that you have all throughout the body. Abdominal fat in particular is taken care of when you begin to work out; this is one of the most difficult fats because it shows that there is visceral fat around your organs. When you start to workout more and get your muscles lean and mean, your fat will begin to burn away more easily and there are no longer issues with diabetes as much either.