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Walnuts Might Prevent Prostate Cancer

Walnuts to Prevent Prostate CancerIf you’re not eating nuts every day, then you may want to start, as recent studies are showing that walnuts might prevent prostate cancer. Yes, the research is in the early stages, and therefore much work still has to be done. The favorable results so far, however, are speaking volumes. This is just another example of how eating well or focusing on the right foods can help you to work toward cancer prevention. Eating walnuts should be part of an overall healthy lifestyle, but preventing cancer can, indeed, start with one food at a time.

What happened in early studies certainly seems to suggest that walnuts might prevent prostate cancer. In these studies, the oil present within walnuts helped to shrink tumors in mice. Even better news is that this particular oil and the omega-3 fatty acids may help to combat or prevent cancer altogether in the first place. Eating right is a crucial part of prevention. You will find that walnuts are a good fat, full of the substances that assist in cancer prevention, so eating them every day can be a central part of a healthy diet.

There Are Many Ways Healthy Eating Can Help

You will find that, while walnuts might prevent prostate cancer, the benefits of walnuts goes much further. The concentration of omega-3 fatty acids can help to lower cholesterol, may help with better heart health, and may even help to prevent diabetes by evening out hormone levels and insulin. So the applications work well for better short-term health as well as for improved long-term health. This means that, to be your best, you need to take in walnuts each day but ensure that they are mixed with a proper diet overall in order to get the optimal effects.

It’s important to note, in understanding how walnuts might prevent prostate cancer, that you are not advised to eat these nuts in just any amount. Though they are high in good fat, it is still fat, so you want to ensure that you eat them in a proper quantity. Eating too many of them on a daily basis can cause weight gain. Eat a measured amount and mix them with other good, healthy fats to get the most out of them. This goes to show that the right foods really can help with better health, and eating right can help you to be your best now and into the long term, too.