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5 Signs You’re Becoming Dehydrated

Signs You’re Becoming DehydratedWhen you start to become dehydrated, it is no laughing matter. Dehydration can cause some pretty serious health problems, especially if it is left untreated for too long. Considering that our bodies are, on average, about 70 percent water, it is no wonder that we should be getting significant amounts of fluids each and every day. However, not all people understand the importance of this. If you want to stay as healthy as possible without dealing with such matters, you will need to know the five signs you’re becoming dehydrated so that you can stop it in its tracks.

1. Extreme Thirst and Dry Mouth

If you have ever had a time when you felt like you just could not get enough to drink, then chances are you were becoming dehydrated. Although simple thirst is not one of the signs you’re becoming dehydrated, it can be when the thirst becomes out of control. Keep in mind that this symptom is usually accompanied by severe dry mouth as well and cannot be satiated by any amount of drinking or eating.

2. Urinary and Digestive Problems

The condition of your urinary and/or digestive tract is one of the telltale signs you’re becoming dehydrated, especially if you are experiencing trouble in that area. Dehydration causes you to have trouble urinating, and it can make it so that when you do go, you only produce a small amount of urine. On top of that, dehydration can make you constipated and unable to have a bowel movement. If you are suffering from any of these issues, contact your doctor immediately.

3. Very Dry and Shriveled Skin

It is one thing to have dry skin that requires a little extra lotion, but when your skin no longer has any of its elasticity, it might be one of the signs you’re becoming dehydrated. To test this out, simply pinch a portion of the skin on your arm, leg, or face. If that pinched skin does not bounce back relatively quickly, or if it stays in the shape of the pinch for too long, then you should start hydrating yourself right away. Left untreated, this type of dehydration can cause some pretty serious health problems.

4. Trouble Producing Tears

Nobody really wants to cry, but when you can’t because of dehydration then it becomes a really big problem. One of the more severe signs you’re becoming dehydrated is the inability to produce tears—either of joy or of pain. If you experience this, get to a doctor right now.

5. Blood and Heart Issues

Unfortunately, one of the more serious signs you’re becoming dehydrated is low blood pressure accompanied by an extremely high heart rate. This combination can be very dangerous, so beware. If you think you are dehydrated or getting that way, start getting lots of fluids and make an appointment with your doctor immediately.