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Easy Ways to Determine Which Foods Cause Allergies

Determining Which Foods Cause AllergiesIt is extremely important to know whether or not you or someone you love has an allergy to a specific food. Because some allergic reactions can be quite serious, exposing someone to an allergen can cause some serious problems. Having a few easy ways to determine which foods cause allergies and which ones do not might help you to provide some preventative measures when the allergies are still unknown. Being safe rather than sorry is surely what we are all hoping for, as nobody wants a lovely meal to turn into an avoidable emergency.

1. Keep a Comprehensive Food Diary

In order to tell which foods cause allergies, you have to first keep track of which foods you eat. Knowing this information can help you to determine any patterns in your eating habits and the allergic reactions you suffer, if any. Keeping a food diary could help you to stay organized in the midst of your discoveries and could help you to determine which foods to avoid.

2. Participate in a Food Elimination Eating Plan

Knowing which foods cause allergies is quite simple when you first know which foods are most commonly associated with serious allergic reactions. Normally, people first show sensitivities to foods such as eggs, milk, nuts, and seafood. If these foods are not included in your diet, then they can be rightfully eliminated as possible culprits. The same can be said for anything else that is not present on your plate, and thus a process of elimination can be started. Cut out one food for three to five days and track any reactions. This could also give your doctor a nice starting point for when you ask him or her about your reactions to certain foods.

3. Try Out a Food Challenge

Pushing the envelope is sometimes necessary when you are trying to figure out which foods cause allergies. Exposing yourself or someone you love to a certain food that you are wary of, while in a safe and controlled environment, might be the only way for you ever to find out which foods are causing problems. Challenge the pallet, but be sure you know what you are doing and keep all of the information regarding any and all reactions written down in your food journal.

4. Get an RAST Blood Test

If you are still unsure about which foods cause allergies and you do not want to suffer the consequences of trial-based discovery, you can always ask your doctor to perform a radioallergosorbent blood test, or RAST. This test checks various antibodies produced by the immune system and can help you to find out exactly which foods to stay away from and which ones you can safely eat.