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A Guide to the Different Types of Fats in Your Diet

Different Types of Fats in your dietIt can be such good news to hear that you can have fat in your diet, and so you want to understand the different types of fats. As with anything within nutrition, there are good types and bad types. It’s imperative to understand the differences so that you can make the healthiest choices overall. It’s not always easy to understand which are best, though some are clearly all wrong for you. So if you are interested in not only losing weight but working towards better health, it’s important to make the right choices within this category. This is a part of the food pyramid that you may tend to skip over, but you do need some fats but just the right types of them to be your best.

So when we look at the different types of fats we want to start with the types that we must avoid. The most obvious types of fat that is bad for us is saturated or trans fats. You hear about these all the time because they are just equal to diet sabotage. If you want to be your best then you need to stay away from both types of fat as they offer no nutritional value, excess calories, and all the wrong types of fat. These include a wide array of fats such as fried foods, fast food, baked goods, chips and other snack foods, and a wide range of processed foods. Learning to read labels and therefore avoid foods high in saturated fats or those prepared the wrong way, such as fried, will ensure that you get to better health right away.

Good Fats Can Make All The Difference In Your Health

When you look at the different types of fats you also must look at the types that are good for you. Unsaturated fats or more importantly “good fats” are where it’s at nutritionally speaking. Good fats have gained a great deal of attention because they are loaded with a substance called Omega 3 fatty acids. This one substance can help with weight loss, can help to lower your cholesterol level, and can even help in preventing heart disease in the long term. You want a diet that is rich with foods that contain this good fat and that includes foods such as avocado, walnuts and almonds, fish like tuna and salmon, olive oil, and flaxseeds. Eating these foods and enjoying this type of fat will truly help you to be your very best!

So though there are very different types of fats you need to know which types are good and which will work against you. Yes you do need fats in your diet, and this is contrary to so many diets out there that tell you otherwise. It’s simply a matter of embracing the “good fats” that will help you to be your best. Eating foods that are rich in good fats will help you to lose weight, but more importantly will help you to enjoy good health moving forward. So though you may not realize it, making the switch to the healthier type of fat can matter greatly. Forget about skipping out on fat altogether, as that will never help you. Eating good fats and ensuring that you protect your health is really the right focus and will benefit you now and into the long term.