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The 30 Day Squat Challenge: Does It Work?

30 Day Squat Challenge results

For the last few years, the 30 day squat challenge has been hopping in and out of popularity.  It seems that this is among those challenges that is a lot of fun to try but that needs to fade from the public eye for a while before it takes off once more.

Still, it is fascinating to watch it come around again.  For many of us, it makes us curious as to whether we should give it a try for the first time, or if we should try it again after having successfully – or unsuccessfully – attempted it in the past.

Before you make any decisions during the next round of popularity, take some time to learn about what it is, what it isn’t, and how to know if it’s right for you.

Claims and Controversy

There have been some conflicting reviews about the what’s involved in keeping up the 30 day squat challenge. One of the biggest problems we see about these ‘cult’ fitness programs is that they claim that everyone will have the same result if you only follow X,Y,Z exercise or movements and viola you have an incredible body.

Many people expect to be able to use this one type of exercise to achieve the same results they see among their favorite social media influencers. They watch a few updates regarding this fad and feel that they should be progressing in the same way.  The problem is that there is no way to make promises about the results any exercise at all will produce in all individuals.

The issue is not that the exercise you get from this workout is bad.  Instead, it is that doing it in the form of this challenge takes the benefits of these movements out of context. You have to accept the responsibility of placing the exercise in the right context with your metabolism and your genetics, among other issues.  Your entire lifestyle will play a role in the result you get.  Therefore, the odds are that you won’t get the same results as your favorite social media influencer.  Instead, you’ll get your own outcomes, which may be better or much worse.

What is the 30 Day Squat Challenge?

The promises for this challenge vary depending on who tries it.  Images associated with the 30 day squat challenge often show women in bikinis hoping to have a better body.  The requirements of the challenge are quite impossible for most people with an average fitness level, too.  Therefore, it’s very important to understand your limits before getting started with this type of workout. Otherwise, you could end up spending the month dealing with a painful injury instead of boosting your fitness level while looking and feeling great.

Keep in mind that the beginner level of the 30 day squat challenge require you to do 50 squats per day.  This number will climb throughout the month as your fitness level theoretically grows. By two weeks into the challenge, you will need to do 250 squats per day.  This places most people at risk of injury, particularly as this challenge does not incorporate rest days into the mix.  Therefore, you’ll always push yourself as hard as you can without giving your muscles enough time to heal and recover.

What Does a Real Healthy Workout Look Like?

For a workout to be healthy and effective it has to have certain qualities.  It must also provide certain benefits aside from just fat burning or muscle toning.  A healthy workout will leave you feeling emotionally boosted, sleeping better, thinking clearer etc. There is no single workout program that is right for everyone, so the option that is best for you will need to be created just for you.

The 30 day squat challenge will likely not be a part of that fitness strategy.  If you want great results from your workout, skip the social media-based challenges and take on the type of exercises recommended by your doctor or physical trainer.  This can include squats, but not a ridiculous number of them done every single day.  You’ll likely take on an exercise program that will have you building up to it slowly with some cardio coupled with resistance training. It is all about looking at the big picture.

Eat right and balance this routine with more well-rounded exercise. Become less sedentary all day and throw in an active lifestyle several days a week. Remember that you can’t get totally fit in the right way if you are doing only squats.  The 30 day squat challenge will not provide you with whole-body results and will only place the muscle groups you’re working at risk of injury to the back and knees. Even seasoned lifters don’t squat in the amount and frequency as is required by this challenge.